Top Secret Nutrition 100% Whey Protein

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Top Secret Nutrition 100% Whey Protein
Price: $19.99
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Body building has some good reviews

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at


Let’s check out the product page

Is this gluten-free?

Excellent question.

According to other websites, it does appear to be Gluten-Free (other Top Secret products/flavors):

HOWEVER, just to make sure, I’ve pinged Sports Staff to verify.

It is always a gamble with the Taste of these products…the last one I bought I did not like, while the one before was great. Each brand is different.


Except for the product page, none of those other links go to the energizing product. Therefore those reviews are irrelevant.

Whey to go!

BEWARE: Contains sucralose and acesulfame.

This looks like the review page you were looking for. The product received an 8.8 out of 10 with 18 reviews.

normally I don’t do this, but since I just got done with a workout I thought it was pretty funny, in the features write up I noticed this:

“This formula contains all of the essential amino acids required in the daily die and has the ideal combination of amino acids to support”

since I’m on the floor dying here, this might just work for me!

HA! Never thought about if you off the the t a diet will kill you!

At $12.50 per pound, it’s not that great a deal. There’s better deals to be had.

I love comments like these. Were you planning on elaborating or leaving everyone in suspense?

Currently about $32 on (with Prime shipping). Reviews are good (4.8 from 8 reviews).

No more of this stuff for me. No more workouts. My health care plan dropped my club membership.

What happened to, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?”

Thanks, we fixed it- but we do stick by die & diet being synonymous.

I generally steer clear of the artificial sweeteners, of which this product has two. I’ve had much better luck (and better taste) from Optimum Nutrition’s Natural Whey line. Plus, my target is around $10/lb, which this is still higher, as pointed out beforehand.

Careful. This stuff is fart powder in a can. I bought jugs of this stuff on sale only to find out it seriously disturbs my gut. My woman almost kicked me out of the house. I tried to use it for awhile to see if these symptoms would subside, but I never made it that far.

better off getting the 2 4lb jugs of dymatize elite xt for 49 with free shipping