Top Secret Nutrition Supplements

T-booster is 8.99 for 90 (better deal) on Amazon.

For my first order with Woot, I ordered several Top Secret Nutrition items.

Order Date: Aug 15, 2014

I have asked three times via Customer Support about a missing item and have only received a canned response for each request.

I am still missing the three L-Carnatine + Raspberry Keytones I ordered. I have received the rest.

ALL tracking numbers listed in my account have been received.

All packing lists do not show the missing items.

Customer Support has only told me items are shipped from different shippers, etc. as if it is a bot.

How can I get actual help???

I did hear back from a person via email and after looking, they did recognize my order was shorted and refunded my money for the non-shipped items.