Top Shelf Love Potion Pilsner Glass

Overpriced, by about 18.50. Ugly. Yuk.
Still love Woot!

Ahh yes, looks like something my teen and 20-something nieces would really like…

For 1.

Previous comment is an error. I did not buy any of these. Time for sleep, making errors.

haha no… I was saying it’s as over-priced as you mentioned. And you only get ONE!

Nope. I did not buy any of these. Why the in for 1 is there, I do not know. Error.

You need to re-read… It doesn’t say you’re in for 1 anywhere. Now I can’t tell if I’m the one who’s confused or you are.

Haha! Goodnight… He typed the 1, not you silly rabbit.
Looks like there’s only 5 to sell anyway if Raymond bought 1 and it knocked off 20%

It just says For 1.
I made an error in posting and now I’ve made about 5 posts to correct the error. Going to bed to sleep. Hope your evening, what’s left of it, is a good one.

This post is an error, made a too-tired me.


I think the birdhouses went faster.

I’m pretty sure they pulled the plug on this one before it sold out… perhaps these pilsner glasses will grace a few bags.