“Toast your mind. My kid will pass you on the right.”

The more you do, the less competition she has.

Just Do It.

Eh, does this really need to turn into a debate?

on topic- Not very interesting products to me.

Off-topic: Keep right, pass on the left. Raising inconsiderate drivers ain’t cool. Improper passing law by state: http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html

I’ll drink to that!

We.are not the pot heads your grandmother warned you about.
And todays pot is not the crappy, $40 “lids” full of seeds from bygone days.
The product and its users have evolved. Unfortunately the merchandise here is stale, not retro. Just like the bumper sticker philosophy.
Don’t worry, woot. I still think you’re groovy.

Why is Bob Marley’s picture on this poster?

“Legalize it” is a song and album by Peter Tosh.


Think: Stoned dude. Pinto. Left lane. Left blinker. Linkin Park on the cassette player.

:slight_smile: You got it and you didn’t know it.

PS: No debate. I AGREE. I’m in favor of it, for the reason stated.

Just DO it.

Yeah, and Steve Jobs passed you. What do you think of that? Anyone can be a chump, even teetotalers.

That said, poor outcomes from bad behavior will do more to keep people away from doing said behavior than passing draconian laws against it.


From the items offered, I take it that Woot thinks marijuana users aren’t discerning? Tacky and shows you’re out of touch, Woot. Meh.

I would really like those pickles, but what kind of a sale is $24.99 for a $26.97 item?! Plus shipping… Does woot think we are in no condition to notice?

True! Steve Jobs DID pass me on the left!

Good thing I wasn’t broken down on the side of the road hitting myself in the head with a hammer. YOU might have passed me.

Just DO it. My kids thank you for the leg up.

(“Pass laws against …”? What the flying eff are you jibbering about? Read again: I am in FAVOR of legalizing the hammer, for the reason stated. Weed out the weaklings, so to speak.)

Look at this nark