Is it just me, or does the architecture look like Star Gate: Atlantis’ style?

Very sad cyber rider isnt up yet

The buildings kind of look like they spell out “CHINA”. Leading the way to cyberpunk?

Nice design so glad it won. So did the world end yet?

Ouch. The future looks full of sharp edges.

I’ve always wanted to wear a futuristic city on my chest.

Wow. It’s like an epic futuristic sci-fi movie playing out on your shirt.

dark, angular + intense. red backlight glow adds atmosphere as do the airships.

Thats not right there will be no natural vegetation by then, don’t forget we are humans. And yes it does have some similarities to stargate atlantis

this looks like it should be on a pink floyd tshirt…

Am I seriously the only one that sees that the black buildings spell out “f*@k you?”

Are those people or trees lined up along the water’s edge?

As soon as we get back from the bar, and hit the burrito shack, He says He’s gonna be right on that Rapture.

Great design. Only thing missing is BattleTech robots.

I for one love framed perspective t-shirt designs like this one. The trees look like aspens and if you look that up, some people believe all aspens, since their root systems are connected in forests populated by them, actually qualify them as one gigantic organism.

Nice to see one big living thing framing the cold, steel frames of the city.

Not a very convincing distopia. Not only do we (the humans) seem to be doing alright for ourselves, but we also, somehow, made it another 125 years without completly distroying the planets ecosystem. Pa-shaw…

If the rapture does happen, will the remaining workers at Shirt.woot still be sending out our shirts or…?

In the future, the city scape will look like a box of art knives

It’s fucking subtle, but it’s definitely fucking there!

Edit: Seriously, Woot, you’ve been fucked with.