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cool sets…but Shouldn’t Over California have most of DVD1 of Natural Disasters in it?

Wow, and I almost bought 2012 for my mom for Mother’s Day. She’d have loved the natural disasters set so much more. Thank goodness her birthday is coming up!

Oh Wow TOP GUN, in for 1

This will do as a great gift for Teacher Appreciation Day. A nice cheap gift.

I’d do flowers, but I don’t think he swings that way.

Which one of these has Grandma’s Boy in it? “I’m way to high to drive to the devil’s house!” cracks me up every time.

Are there any sets that DO leave a mark? It’s getting late here and I’ve had a few Lone Stars…

Here’s the Amazon Links I found. This is a great deal!

Over California

Natural Disasters

WWII: Theatres of War

What if I want all four!? This isn’t fair to advertise 4 different sets when I can only get 3 of them!

My question as well.

That’s what aliases are for.

WOOT! I am sad!!! How dare you give me Four options and make me choose Three!! I want all Four!!! Please Please!!

IMO you would have sold a bunch more if you had added $1 to the price and thrown in the 4th disk as a bonus for buying three.


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