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Now you have something for that chopping block you just bought!

“Over California” so that is like disney’s california adventure without the cool rides? hmmm I, wonder if it is in spanish with engrish subtitles.

They only have the planes.

Great set!


Daddy099999 we appreciate u taking one for the team. Too bad there are more than one for sale…

Only 2 pixels gone with the first purchase. This could take a bit… ><

And 200 of them!

I wonder if this is the same ‘Top Gun’ that used to air on the Discovery Channel?

The Amazon product page didn’t really say either.

I find it fitting that a film titled Natural Disasters shows up during a Woot Off.

darn only plane would have bought 3 if they had the others :frowning:

They must have pallets of these things! WOK of the day!

Don’t know if it helps, but it’s sold on PBS’s site.

I’m pretty sure this is a remake of the original ‘Top Gun’ on the Discovery Channel. The first one made had Anthony Edwards starring as Goose (the main character with the huge mustache). The new version is little drier.

The key is that with ordering three sets, the $5 shipping makes sense… but with only the “Top Gun” available, most likely people will just buy one, making $5 shipping a windfall profit for Woot.

What is the DVD region code?

Grrr…already sold out of Over CA.

They didn’t have any to begin with.

Guess this is the “everyone take a shower and go to work” item.

/wishes she were!

Amazon’s is Region 1. I can’t imagine these are different.