TopKase iPhone Cases

Thought I’d do some Googling for the 4S version. TopKase SpiritSlider did not return any results other than Woot listings and other randomness.

Checked out TopKase’s site:

These appear to be the same thing as the Aegis cases, but the model number is nowhere close. MSRP is $49.95.

They’re $59.95 through a third party seller at Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon, Prime eligible). No reviews.

Most blog reviews I found were just restatements of the features, but this one brought up an interesting point:

This one brought up another good point:

Does anyone have experience with metal cases? Is the signal strength concern unfounded?

After looking at the pictures on the site - I don’t think this will work for the iPhone 5s because the camera flash hole is too small. Also, not sure if the opening for the home button is large enough for the fingerprint reader.

I have a Case-mate Tank (made of silicone and plastic now put out by for my iPhone 4 in a similar style that was great when i deployed. Oh well.

Yes, the answers to all of your questions are as follows. TopKase is a brand and the SpiritSlider is in relation to the sliding screen and the fact that we also sell a version with the custom collegiate logos thus the name SpiritSliders.
As for the case size and function it is very lightweight and slides so easy into a pant pocket! I have had so many comment on the ease of this compared to other iphone covers that are covered with a rubber material that sticks to everything! No more clinging to the pocket itself or anything else you may have there.
I live in a remote area and have ATT as my carrier. We are in a building with a metal roof to top it off. For over a year of testing I have never lost any signal strength even in the building or anywhere else for the matter.
Over 70% of phone damage is the cracked screen. This phone solves the biggest issue of smartphones! I have actually thrown my phone across a room on concrete to demonstrate what all other phone covers do not address and that is screen breakage. My wife loves her cover as it cleans the makeup off the screen. My teenage daughter loves her cover as it hides the text messages.
Great solid phone cover with no issues.

Collegiate logos?? You know if you slapped a Bama logo on that red one, it would be GONE! :slight_smile:

Is the red 4s case really red? Looks pink in all the pics

I’m told it’s red and the vendor art sucked. If you google “topkase slider red”, you’ll see some better images.

It is true red! Anodized paint color on the phone that makes it true to the color.

Alabama logo is in process!

Other colleges are available for this iPhone cover. The new covers for the lastest iPhone 5c/s will be available in 30 days.

New iphone 5c/s cases available in 30 days.

Means your only seconds away from all round protection and the unique sliding clips ensures your phone is safely locked inside.

Do they perform grammar check on this site ?