TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom

TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom


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Thunderthighs will be skinnythighs by the end of this woot off!

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YES I AM! According to my Daddy.

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5 of the 4 Vmods might also think that.

But at least one of us has trouble with counting.

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It’s true. Just don’t rely on us for help with math.

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Throw me a freaking bone once in a while skiinythighs!

Hurray another purifier for the percentage that this applies to. Its funny over the years I’ve worked with many ppl. Some complain more than others. A large amount have complained of allergies. Once, one said that very same thing. I cannot work in this department due to allergies. That just wasn’t it. I eventually visited there dwelling and they had dust literally every where at home although apparently it didn’t affect them while they where at home.

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Bounced into proverbial hell too many times… I am too impatient for this kind of treatment…

In my bedroom, I have an air purifier, ceiling fan, and a table fan going at once. I like air moving. :smiley:

See, that’s one of the reasons why I never had kids. I barely passed math when I was in school so there was no way I’d ever be able to help a kid with their homework.

By this point you would secretly like me as well as this product to be moving as well.

Does anyone else feel rhe money blood draining from your body?

LOL, never heard it phrased that way.

I wonder how well this would work on cat farts.

Its okay to show favoritism I get it although I likely don’t take well to criticism.

I flunked out of 4th grade math being over 50

You drunk? I was nice to you in my reply. I was making conversation. I’m in my happy place.

Have a :heart: