TopShelfLiving Whiskey Cubes



The stone whiskey cubes are from the past, these are clearly from The FUTURE!!!


The best part of this type of product is how awesome they make your whiskey look. With that said, the whiskey stones look much cooler…unless you live in Tron.


I don’t always drink Whiskey… but when I do, I prefer to use TopShelfLiving Whiskey Cubes


No, RALPHIE! Don’t put your tongue on it!


I can confirm this

Seriously though, how the heck do these compare to the whisky stones I picked up last year for 3 dollars from woot? I’m getting half the quantity for 7 times the price.


Woot! finally ran out of leftover quarry stones from those speakers-that-look-like rocks and had to upgrade to leftover scraps from the Woot! logo pans.


So, trying to find out more info on these, this is what I’ve found:

Looking for Top Shelf Living showed that they have wine drops (stainless steel balls for wine) and whiskey stones. Then, I checked the name under the warranty info, SPARQ:

Link to the item :slight_smile:

And, then I had to know how they worked, and found this on Amazon:

Apparently the ones on Amazon have a non-toxic gel sealed inside…interesting.

And, it looks like they will keep drinks cool up to 45 minutes.

And, hey they look very cool too! :slight_smile:


Whiskey wants ice:


FYI, our buyer spoke with the vendor today to get more info on these.

These are high quality stainless steel cubes that have a gel on the inside that freezes.

The important difference between these and cheaper brands is that these are seamless. Many other brands have seams which could mean more likelihood of leakage.


hmmm, worth getting if you already have a few sets of whisky stone?


Huff post is wrong, and not for the first time. If whiskey needs anything, it is a very small controlled bit of liquid water. Adding ice is wrong. The amount of melting changes over time and temperature. If you absolutely must chill your whiskey, simply use a heavy bottomed glass that has been stored in the freezer. It chills the whisky while not diluting it. Of course, chilling your whisky is pretty much admitting you are a little girly-man … but that is a separate issue :stuck_out_tongue:


These will work quite a bit better than the whiskey stones. The steel pulls more heat from the drink, and the gel inside helps provide the phase change from solid to liquid which creates a lot of the cooling effect. Will these make your drinks ice cold like regular ice cubes? No. They will chill quite a bit better than the stones, however. I’m out simply because I don’t want to be dropping steel into my crystal rocks glasses and start scratching them. If you are looking for “ice cold” results with minimal watering down of your drink, I recommend large ball ice cubes (created in silicon ice trays.) IMHO. Cheers!


We just didn’t know if we could keep getting away with selling rocks… with a warranty.


Cold whisk(e)y is nasty. It should be drank neat, with a tiny bit of water, if desired.


Dear Woot,

srsly? Am I missing something or is Amazon selling the same thing for $2 cheaper (and with free shipping for Prime members)?


Plus Amazon has no restriction on how many I can order. I know you’re not Amazon, but it feels a bit offending.


Please stop telling fellow wooters how to enjoy a drink.

It’s great that you know how to appreciate whiskey, but just a reminder… this is a forum for a product used to chill whiskey.


Growing up in the swamps making hooch, I’ve learned to toss it back faster than Britney Spears taking her clothes off for a record deal.

I wonder if these space age new fandangles would break any of my remaining teeth though.


Why would anyone add water to perfectly good whiskey? Mind you, I have no problems diluting -bad- whiskey with water or 7-Up, but good whiskey? Verboten!

That said, good whiskey should be enjoyed above chilled temperatures to allow the nose to fully develop. If you want it cooler than room temperature, just store it in your pantry, basement, or root cellar. Problem solved.


By adding a splash of water, flavors and aromas that might be missed in higher proof whiskeys begin to emerge and the burn of the alcohol becomes less noticeable…

Water isn’t bad, I just don’t think normal ice cubes is the way to go.

But I am also not willing to pay $25 for 4 cubes lol :smiley: Especially when Amazon has them for $18 Free Shipping w/ Prime