Topstyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells-Black

Topstyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells-Black
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Three perfect reviews over at and solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

Amazon reviews

Some pretty tough reviews at QVC & that set came with 20 shells it seems. 196- 5 star reviews but 256- 1 star reviews…yikes. Only 45% said they’d recommend to a friend. Not terribly positive. HOWEVER, I am sure the price was likely higher & perhaps at a lower price point people might be more satisfied??? I know for me, price makes a huge difference on my expectation of performance…and subsequent disappointment on poor performers. I just wouldn’t buy this expecting it to perform at the $120 (MSRP?) standard…

I got these from QVC. It had the 20 clamshells. I of course cut my hair right after I got them. My hair was 5 inches longer than my shoulders. They rocked it. I have stubborn course Native American Hair, the same as Asian straight. It curled my hair and stayed all day. With minimum hair spray. I didn’t have as much of a learning curve problem. I was just careful to wind the ends inside the shells so they curled right and didn’t stick out. When my hair is shorter than shoulder length? It looks like I got a fro. Not pretty :slight_smile: This price? A bargain!

I bought these off of QVC a couple of years ago and hate them. I have thick hair down to my mid-back with some natural wave and it takes forever to get them rolled properly. I paid a lot more for them and even at this price I wouldn’t have purchased them if I had known what a pain they would be.

I suppose if you have less hair than me they might be okay. All they are is a modern version of pin curls.

I have shorter hair, so looked to see if there were other videos showing these clips with short hair - “Bounce & Volume”


I’m in for one. Also found a detailed 72-page guide for using these clips on short, medium, or long hair: TopStyler Look Book (pdf) on Ulta’s site.

The videos are all sort of terrifying, in that over-eager infomercial sort of way that makes them seem like a parody of themselves. But that Look Book has nearly convinced me - I was having a hard time envisioning the various ways people were talking about making curls in their reviews. Thanks for finding that!

I’ve been looking around to find out if you can buy more shells for these things, because I guess they make multiple sizes and types and some people like more than ten?

I agree about the videos… I don’t really trust them straight from TopStyler, and they seem to chop through the demonstrations in a way that left me asking “but HOW exactly did you do that right there?” If I can get some body from these shells, and if they’re easier to use than hot rollers, I’ll be happy.

In the reviews on Amazon’s page, someone asked about getting extra/replacement shells, and a rep posted a TopStyler number to contact.

UPS delivered my Topstyler yesterday… On a Sunday! Set is better than described in the product description. Came with 10 lg and 10 sm clips instead of 5 and 5! Cannot wait to try it out when I have some time to experiment.

For this next time this pops up… I got this back in December when it was on Woot and though it says it only includes 10 clam shells, it actually included 20 plus some extra accessories (combs). As someone with zero skill styling hair, I’ve used this many times and it work great! It’s like it magically transformed me into someone who appears to know how to style hair. The first time I used it, it was a little awkward, but soon I realized that you don’t have to roll your hair in a perfect loop in the clams like they do on the infomercial… just get it in there and it generally turns out great. I’ve been so impressed with this product that if anything ever happened to mine, I would even consider paying full price to replace it (though only if I had no other choice).