Topstyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells

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Topstyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells
Price: $22.99
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Condition: New


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We’ve sold these before. Let’s hear some personal reviews!

OK, I’ll bite. I have these; bought them here. I also have or have had (please note correct grammar) just about every heated hair setter ever made. These work on the old ‘pin curl’ theory. You don’t really need to roll your hair AROUND something and leave that something there to get a curl. You can wrap it around your finger and put one of these on it to hold the curl (do remove your finger first…) I have baby-fine hair (if there were embryo-fine hair, I’d have that) that is also about as straight as it gets. I need to curl it just to get body. These are no better nor worse than other heated hair setters, though they did work better on my hair when it was above shoulder length. They WILL curl your hair. They will NOT make it shiny or infuse it with dilithium crystals, nor make you move at warp speed. When these first came out they were being sold at 99 dolars. Umm, no. At this price, they’ll do the job. They do say you should use ‘product’ on dry hair. You don’thave to use product unless you normally do, but if you don’t, be sure your hair is at least a little damp–think of the steam iron principle. So,yes, these work as well as any other hair setter, just differently. Worth the price, just don’t expect miracles.

This is also a pretty good deal.

An addendum to my review: I just popped over to a shopping channel website and see that they are selling a regular, roller-style hair setter for $99 as their value of the day. Like the makers of this set when it was overpriced, they tout the properties of ‘ceramic technology’ as the reason for the price. That, and a can of hair spray. Oh young people, listen to the voice of experience. How the heat is held in the curler makes NO DIFFERENCE as long as the heat holds long enough for a curl to form. Hairsetters using metal cores on the rollers also work, and can be purchased for a lot less. If you’re looking for a hairsetter with ‘ceramic technology’ these are a much better buy and you won’t ever lose the roller clips–because they are also the rollers. Caveat emptor.

I may be able to use these to keep my fasteners warm and handy…