Topstyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells

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Topstyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells
Price: $22.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 03 to Tuesday, Feb 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Three perfect reviews over at

Ummm. What I also learned on topstyler is that they are $14.99 for 2 of them on their site. Why the heck would I want to pay $28 for one here on woot? That’s just dumb.

I’m fuelled by the idea
That this hair was made to curl
But it never seems to work out…

Did you happen to check Topstyler’s shipping cost? $30 on the 2 units. So much for the second set being free!

You didn’t read the fine print…which was indicating that it was for 2 sets and also included 3 additional payments of about $27 after 30 days…this by comparison appears to be a decent deal.

What’s the difference between this a feminine hygiene Q-Tip? Heck, I can get 100 cotton swabs for about $5, and I don’t even need electricity. They claim that this is made of ceramic, but that jut makes it prone to breaking if dropped. With a Q-tip, you can just use a new one if it gets dirty or breaks. But I do agree that you shouldn’t stick swabs in the ear so these Topstylers are a bit more versatile…

These will be great in the near-future to replace toilet paper. It looks like it even comes with 10 instead of the proposed three! In for 1…in 18 years!

Regular price on Amazon is $27.75, so Woot isn’t offering much of a discount.

I bought this the last time it was on Woot! YMMV, but when I received mine, I was surprised to find the bonus accessories kit that is often advertised on the TV commercials-- a complete second set of shells as well as styling combs and combs that when wrapped with hair in a figure 8 and put inside the shells will create a crimp style. I have not used any of the accessories except for the extra shells, but I am very impressed with what I can do with my hair with this product. It is indeed quite easy and creates very pretty waves and curls. The only negative thing I have to say is that though the video touts how the shells are never so hot as to burn your fingers or skin, this is simply not true. They are not scalding hot, but you do need to be careful. The video is misleading in that respect. You could burn yourself enough to cause more than a minor “ouch” if you’re not careful.

Yes. No. Actually, current Amazon price is $27.50 with free shipping (orders $35+ or prime), potentially making this ‘deal’ $0.49 more.
That said, Amazon’s prices fluctuate. Sometimes severely, often rapidly. If you’re certain you want to try these it’s likely time to buy. Whether it makes more sense to purchase here vs. Amazon depends on whether you’re only buying these. Well, that & Amazon’s customer-satisfaction oriented business model.

I got this the last time offered and so far am quite pleased. Easier to use than a curling iron and also came with an extra set of shells (not mentioned in the description). My hair is thick and curly (frizzy) and this gives me better, smoother looking waves or curls than drying naturally does. I found using fingers instead of the provided combs is much easier for me in forming the curl to be clipped in the shell. Glad I got this!

wait a minute…doesnt amazon OWN woot ?? if true… shouldnt woot prices ALWAYS be better than any amazon prices ??

I, too, bought this the last time it was on WOOT, and I am very pleased. It is a unique hair styling tool, and it works very well on my somewhat fine hair. The great multitude of included accessories made it a bargain, but I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants a quality item for adding body and various easy, nice looking styles to hair.

Now, you too can look like Madusa!

Because shipping is $29.99 on their site…not to mention extra payments.

So if you do a full head of hair wouldn’t you need at least 2 sets? I can’t imagine getting all my hair in only 10 clams. Does anyone know??

Anyone know if a bonus set will be shipped this time? I have a lot of hair, and I don’t think 10 clams will be enough. I’m contemplating buying two sets, but getting a bonus set of clams would obviously be great.