Topsy Turvy Upside Down Strawberry Planter – 2 Pack

If only I could put a small blueberry bush on the top; then I could grow two fruits in one basket. I rather doubt the amount of soil would support that much growth, though (and fertilizing would be made more difficult by having a plant at the top).

I cant find strawberry plants here. If they came with seeds or something Id be in for 3.

OK - I’ll take a couple. The ACTUAL yield is probably 1/2 what is illustrated, so that should work out OK.

I tried them last year and the results were not great. I have a fairly green thumb and plant a vegatble garden every year. I got tomatos and peppers, but the plants did not produce much and died early.
Another downside is they require daily watering in the hottest weather and they weigh about 50 pounds when filled with soil and watered - enough to bend or break a lot of plant hangers. A nail pounded into the side of your deck will probably not cut it.

because one strawberry topsy turvy is not enough!

these DO NOT include the plants

My favorite part:

“For outdoor use only.”

Very much enjoyed the picture of the packaging. Very unique. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the information. I’m passing on this.

Do you live in the desert or something? I can barely walk across my own yard without stepping on a strawberry plant that took off on its own. Local hardware stores are almost paying people to take them, they are so common…

I have a couple of strawberries and peppers and a tomato right now… I am intrigued by doing a mini hanging herb garden with one.

In for 3.

In for two sets of two. I’ll use a pair and give the other two to my mom. Hopefully they work well.


Mixed reviews.

breaks it for me.

I have the tomato one and it is just o.k. I haven’t had much of a crop from it in the past two years.

I’ve heard this strawberry one doesn’t work that well and it’s very difficult to get the plants into the holes. It is also very heavy.

I know the tomato was was hard enough so I can’t imagine having to stick a bunch of strawberry plants into all those holes. No thanks!

I think I’ll stick with pots or raised planter beds.

This works well for tomatoes as well. Hang it from your deck or overhang with cherry tomatoes and no more sludging to the garden to get a tomato.

Perfect for your upside down strawberry cakes

They taste like Australians.

San Antonio… Only place I can find them is online and the variety that does well here you have to remember to grab them in the fall before they sell out. Ours strawberry season is almost over anyway.

My favorite part:

“Hopefully your planters will look like this…but probably not.”

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Or for upside down tomato cakes! MMMMMM.