Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter – 2 Pack

more yawn.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to buy 18 quarts of the soil of your choice, along with a healthy green seedling and fertilizer. For best results, your planter needs 6-7 hours of full sun and should be watered every day.

Also, these things get very heavy after a good rain or watering. Make sure you have them hanging on something very sturdy!

i just bought 2 never used them but might as well they are 20$ each at walmart

They are testing the faithful for the BOC. Hang in there, everyone.

What i want to know is, how do they get every plant to grow to look exactly the same? :slight_smile:

I tried these things once. When the tomato plant gets big, the weight of it either pulls it out or breaks it off. It might not happen to everyone, but I just buy my tomatoes now.

I dont care, i’m in for 2


(I dont have much hope for them putting out fruit, like last years attempt, will probably be a total bummer. So I’m rollin the dice with this one and tryin to help move this W-O along)

These work GREAT as gifts because they suck and they are cheap.

They are cheap so they are good for you. But the recipient won’t know they suck so when the plants fail miserably they will blame themselves.

These are pure junk, I don’t care how gently you plant the tomatoes most die, they must be watered daily if they live and the fabric disintegrates in a year from the sun. Waste of money and waste more money on plants soil etc. Get some nice buckets at your home improvement store instead. JMHO

These are great for emergencies, when safety is a concern. My ex used to travel with them (they’re airplane safe), and used them when she jogged alone at night. She did run into problem in a public bathroom, however, and had to leave it outside. They’re also WiFi-friendly so they won’t interrupt your broadband.

good idea

Yep, that’s the spirit of Christmas! :slight_smile: