Torches Without Pitchforks

we have 2 sets of the pyramid torches, the multi coloured ones. We bought one set last year, and another this year from a different amazon branch. We love them. The torch part, that holds the oil, is not very big, probably holds 2 cups of the citronella oil, it’s not the length of the pyramid, which is just perfect. They are hollow and I was worried about tipping in the wind, but so far they are great and no issues.

Thanks for the info and please make certain that after you fill the oil reservoirs you weight down the torches with 10 lbs of sand or gravel for stability in windy conditions…and importantly for safety when burning. Cheers!

I have already bought 2 sets of these ( both black) and I love them. I would like to see Woot offer the tabletop version, and I don’t mean the ceramic ones already offered, but the metal ones.