Torchiere Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

Fakespot gives a “D” rating for reviews of this lamp.

All you have to do is choose sort by verified purchasers only. You’ll see plenty of 5 star reviews there as well.

In addition, on the mother ship it’s almost all glowing reviews (see what I did there?).

The tilting head feature is quite interesting. Biggest downside is apparently only being able to dim it from the remote, but apparently you can turn it on and off from the lamp itself.

I put mine together today after a speedy Woot delivery. I like it. Simply put, but I do like it. Maybe some more in-depth reasons. It’s not a big bulky lamp but its got good height. I really like the remote with the dimmer. The tilting, it’s actually a nice feature to direct the light towards a room if you have it in a corner like I do. I’m ordering another one.

Good grief, sold out! I had it in my cart because I was going to add something else today. Oh well.
Guess my earlier raving review did me in!