Torii Mor 2007 Oregon Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

Torii Mor 2007 Oregon Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 Hawks View Vineyard Pinot Noir
1 2007 Olalla Vineyard Pinot Noir
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Previous offer:

Maybe someone who bought the offer on Oct 14th could comment on the 07 Olalla.

I was lucky to be able to rat the 2007 Olalla Vineyard Pinot Noir last time this was up, and it was outstanding!!!

This is essentially a BOGO deal.

I bought the previous offer and I just want to say …

… they are all being held for family Christmas celebrations next month.

Still wondering why I can buy wine through WSJwine club and have it delivered but delivery to Indiana is never available here.

In for one. We’ll see what it’s like. In a year, or two.

Or Hawaii. Please start shipping to Hawaii…even if you charge extra for delivery.

Yes, this is the main thing preventing me from moving there :slight_smile:

Had Torrii Mor in the past, was good. I am not much of a wine expert, I just know when I like something and I don’t. This was good, rebuy?..still debating…

side note: Why are the labels not in line with the bottling year? I mean, those labels look like they are from the late 80’s or early 90’s! :slight_smile:

I’m not a regular on this site, what is a BOGO deal and how long do these need to sit you think to be optimal?

BOGO, it’s actually a Payless term for Buy-One-Get-One free.

I don’t know if this is that good of a deal; the wines are excellent, but I certainly would not pay $65 for either one separately.

I swear since I cancelled my club membership Torii Mor has been on woot like 3-4 times lol. They make exceptional wines that are just at a price point that I would rather pay for a decent cab or borolo. I still firmly believe that Oregon PN is superior and Torii Mor is one of the best in the region.

I would buy this deal as well as the last couple had I not been purchasing a new home.

I have had the 2006 and 2007 Deux Verres before and just a wonderful wine. Looking at the website these 2007 both go for 55.00 a bottle so not only a nice wine but a good buy…in for 3 just hope to get them before Christmas!

Had to stick my nose in other people’s business…

Buy this.

The Torii Mor wines are awesome, easily one of if not my favorite OR producer. They’re killin’ it.

PS - The Pinot Gris is ridonkulous.

We also bought those previously - one of the offerings was exactly one week after we had visited the Torii Mor tasting. We greatly enjoyed the Deux Verres at the winery, but the sales price in the tasting room was more than we felt we could spend. We ended up buying a bottle of a different, cheaper PN that was in our price range. (I don’t remember exactly which one we bought.)

Imagine my delight when a week later the Deux Verres appeared at wine.woot for the same price we had paid for the bottle we had bought in the tasting room.

I second this comment. Big time.

Good Morning Wooters! Thank you for all the great comments on your experience with Torii Mor wines. We are very proud of our wines and I am so excited we are able to offer up these two single vineyard Pinot Noirs for the holidays. Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for Thanksgiving day, so even though you won’t have these in time for this year’s celebration, they will be in prime condition for next year.

The winemakers and myself will be popping on throughout the day, so please let us know if you have any questions.

We stopped by the tasting room this past Spring and the prior comment about the Pinot Gris being redonkulus is right on. Their Syrah port is wonderful too.

It is well documented that 2007 was a tough year for Oregon Pinot Noir. How did the poor conditions that year affect your wine and winemaking? What did you do different (if anything) and/or how is the wine different than other years where the weather cooperated (like 2006 and 2008)?

…good call. The Hawk’s View will be decanting at some point in the last two weeks of December at my house, I assure you.

I’m in for one (and I put this deal together). Hard for me to say no to Oregon Pinot especially this quality at this price. (These normally sell for $55 each).