Torii Mor “Deux Verres” Reserve Pinot

$7 shipping? More cut & paste?

The woot monkeys love the cut and paste…I don’t think anybody has ever proofread a reused description for a wootoff.

What’s with the $7.00 shipping? How long have I been asleep?

Probably. That’s the “summer shipping” price.

Torii Mor “Deux Verres” Reserve Pinot
$49.99 + $5.00 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2007 “Deux Verres” Reserve Pinot Noir

CT link above. Avg. price in CT $45 per bottle.

Previously woot offered the 2006:

I think you meant the 2007.

Eric, the current offer is for the 2007.


We just changed the shipping price to $5. Anyone who ordered it before the change will get a refund.

This is very good juice. Visited Torii Mor, Maresh Red Barn, and Bella Vida in October. Torii Mor had the best juice of the three and this was $35 per bottle. Good deal.

I am in for 2 now…seriously, got the 2006 last year when this was offered…very good!

No link to the winery yet? Here -

Torii Mor

And edited to add the link to the wine itself -

2007 “Deux Verres” Reserve Pinot Noir

This is absolutely delicious wine.

However, as I live in Oregon, I think I’d rather just drive to the vineyard and pick up whatever I want.

Still have one of the 2006 left - got rave reviews from everyone who had some.

Went in for three. The 2006 was selling for $45 per bottle at the winery - we were there the week before it showed up here on woot.

I know it’s rather late, but is there any winery participation tonight?

Every winery we visited last year talked about the less than optimal 2007 growing season in Oregon. Even the vintage notes allude to it. How did the wetter than usual season affect this particular wine?

Saved fifty-five bucks since another winery has decided not to ship to Tennessee.

I have seen this on wine lists for $80+ a bottle…

The 2007 vintage received an 88 rating from the Wine Advocate, which wasn’t quite as high as the 90 the 2006 did, but for the price, it definitely seems like a good deal thats worth a shot.

You know, when zoomed out, the label looks like a Rolling Stones tongue.