Tornado USB Data Transfer with PC Eraser

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Tornado USB Data Transfer with PC Eraser
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Tornado USB Data Transfer
  • 1 PC Eraser Software

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New Tornado USB Data Transfer with PC Eraser, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
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] 1x PC Eraser Software
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Can’t you do this for free with a simple crossover cable?

All the reviews for this TOrnado are good via AMazon

Average rating on Buzzillions of 3.6 stars


Could I use this to transfer DVR recordings to my computer?


Tornado is for the noobies…



That was my first thought as well…

Is it 4’ each direction or 4’ total (2 in each direction)?

It’s just a USB cable, correct?

For $20, even if it was only a USB Cable, it’s still a good deal, or at least based on BestBuy’s standards. :wink:

Congratulations woot for listing the most overpriced, least useful product to date…

Ahahahaaa, my new laptop arrived Thursday and I spent all today moving files over. I have an external harddrive so I just copied files there first then copied again to the new system.

Oh, Woot. Just a day late.

Edit: The PC Eraser makes me go hmmm, though.

Powers itself. Does Obama know about this?

BestBuy blowz… I will never purchase another thing from them… cables are the worst… wayyyyyy over priced…

Try monoprice for all yer needs at a real bargain.

screww best(worst)buy.

I’m slightly confused… is this just to transfer data between pcs? Funny that it comes with PC eraser software, lol.

Honestly don’t see why a person would use this instead of a regular crossover cable though. A bit pointless, don’t you think?

I totally lol’d at that one.

Screw Nuclear!

Yes. However, you have to know how to set your own IP’s… etc. But, then again, who doesn’t have a router anyways? The speed difference between 100mbs and 200mbs (the USB) is rather small.

Not a great example. 6-10’ foot good usb cables tend to only run $3-$5 at computer shops, and that’s with terminations. :stuck_out_tongue:

Double the speed is small? Not when you are transferring a ton of data… which is why you would use a 1gbit crossover! :slight_smile:

Yes, but not…Tornado Style!