Tortilla Origami

suddenly, i want chipotle

We don’t need no stinking tortillas…

The release of this shirt also happens to coincide with “fourth meal”. Good timing.

I’ll say congrats to winning artists, but I’m so disappointed Lady of the Dead did not print.

Classic. I Love IT!

Me. Too.

What kind of filling goes in a crane-style tortilla? Shredded chicken, of course. And some guac. There’s always room for that.

Great, now I need a burrito and this shirt.

Aw food made with love and folding. Delicious tortilla revolution.

Frist time that I have laughed out loud at a woot shirt in a long time.

Aww man. Now I am craving tacos!

On somewhat related note, the wife and I had ground turkey tacos for dinner.

Yay for the crane!

I can confirm that, with some practice and a thin enough tortilla (have to use flour, no corn tortillas obviously), an origami tortilla crane is possible, though it does look a bit derp.

can’t resist a hilarious shirt, on the always attractive brown. in!

and i just ate a burrito for lunch! coincidence?

…yeah, probably.

This shirt made my day. Thaaaaaank you Woot!!

I heard that if you make 1,000 origami crane tortillas, you would be blessed with a magnificent mustache of your choosing.

Someone really needs to film that crazy a** write up.

Great shirt! One complaint though, that’s not how you make a burrito, you roll it after the first two folds. If you just fold it in, you’re gonna have a bad day.