Tortilla Origami

I eat off a lunch truck most every day - usually un burrito con pollo, arroz, y frijoles, o burrito con pollo, arroz, cilantro, y cebollas. Sometimes, un plato con dos tacos de pollo. Fridays, un plato con tres enchiladas de queso.

¿Pero un grua del tortilla? ¡Si! Con crema, por favor.

First shirt I have ever voted for in a Derby, ever. Excellent. Also answers the question of “what should the first business I start be?” Marketing strategy: Point at shirt, receive investment/customers/turkey bacon (taco)

Don’t wear this shirt: to that new Scottish/Scandinavian ice cream place, Häaggis-Dazs. We hear it’s not.

Did you know that the name Häagen-Dazs is not, in fact, Scandinavian? The creator thought his new brand of high-end ice cream needed a niffty, posh sounding name… so he made one up.

I just ordered some for my kids, now I need some for me. How do I get more than 3 of these, short of getting another Woot account?

I think making a new account would be the only way. Woot only let’s you get 3 so that there are more to go around and it doesnt sell out as fast, as far as I know.

I would be ashamed to wear this shirt I just bought if I could not name all of the items. Does anyone know what the middle item is called? Maybe an enchilada?

Top to bottom:


Is it transparent when wet? After all, the ladies are getting pretty perverse these days.

I’m in. I’ll wear this shirt out because I’ll have to don it each time I eat mexican food. Which is about once a week. Thanks patrick!

“What can you make of this, Jonny?”

“I can make a hat, a broach, a Pterodactyl…”

I used the directions on the shirt, but my crane looks a little different!

Congratulations patrickspens, for yet another awesome design. I live in Plant City so I feel somewhat obligated to get this shirt.

Oh man, all this time I’ve been using them to make sandwiches.

Yes! So excited to see this printed. In for 2.

I have got to get this for my college kid. He can cook so, he made burrito filling but couldn’t figure out how to fold the burrito. He did a roll up but it wasn’t satisfying so he put the meat away until I saw him on the weekend and he asked for a demo on how to fold a burrito. This shirt will be a good reminder, as he loves burritos.


HEY BUDDY- You can’t make an origami crane with a round tortilla! You need a square one…

tortilla lovers unite!

Hmmmm … if there was only some way of turning a circle into a square. Well, I guess I’ll just use this knife to stab things instead.


“Christopher Holt reported working as a chef and folding large tortillas into cranes. He used a mesh form to hold the cranes while they were fried, then punched in the top of the model and put in beans, guacamole, lettuce, and finely diced tomatoes to make an attractive tortilla salad.”


… and then it’s called a wrap.

As I mentioned in the derby, we haven’t even gotten into the extra options when frying comes into play. Tostadas, chimichangas, taquitos …