Toshiba 10" Wireless Digital Media Frame

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Toshiba 10" Wireless Digital Media Frame
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Toshiba DMF102XKU Black 10" Digital Media Frame w/WiFi, 1GB, Remote Control

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Ooo wifi. NOT A BAD PRICE… gonna have to ask the wife before i bite though.

a VERY good price seeing as the lowest anyone reputable sells it is ~$170
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Much better deal here at woot-tastic woot!

can this be used as a screen

Digital frames are given as gifts as no one would actually buy one for themselves as they have no real use.


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Is that a giant “Tobacco Pipe”??


Is that a giant vuvuzela?


The Vuvuzela from hell has taken over the picture frame!

I think you may be right - 99% of the time I see them at someone’s home, they’re turned off, occasionally with a paper photograph inserted on top of the screen…

Also here at shopper website, you can find a better deal here at woot! still. :slight_smile:

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CNET review:

Here is the 78 page owners manual. Owners Manual

First in … for 3 -.-

I got the 8" version the other week. I got it for the wi-fi capability, but was very disappointed with it.

Using FrameChannel with photo RSS feeds works decently, but using it with text RSS feeds is terrible. It would only display the last two items, and would cache them for over a day before updating.

Their customer support still hasn’t contacted me back about it, despite their claims of 2 working days turn-around.

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horrible reviews everywhere