Toshiba 1080p Upconverting DVD Player with HDMI Cable

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Toshiba 1080p Upconverting DVD Player with HDMI Cable
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Toshiba SD-6000 1080p HD Upconverting DVD Player with HDMI out, DivX playback and HDMI Cable

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will this work with my tivo?

This is a must for anyone that has an HDTV

i have one and it makes normal dvd look great!!!

Cheap price, but I’d rather have an upconverting HD-DVD player for a little more money. Still a good deal though!

Guess HDDVD players will soon come @this price?! So Pass

Bought one of these on a woot off last July. I lasted 3 days, and then made every disc skip like an 8 year old playing double dutch…

That being said, Toshiba eventually sent me a brand new superior model, and its all good now.

I’ve got an SD-K850 bought from woot…other than being able to do multi-region, it kinda sucks.

if only it wasnt refurbed…

Have this model… IT is CRAP… DVD’s frequently jam… FLIMSY door…

CHEAP … which is why I bought it… spend another 40 for a better model:)

DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA! Customer service is worse than Best Buy. I purchased a TV/DVD combo only to have the DVD player stop reading DVDs. After two months of hell and repairs at an authorized hole in the wall repair center, I received the Combo unit back. Now it defaults to any other language than English on a DVD.

You have been warned.

What Chipset does this use for upconversion?

All these upconverting DVD players are a scam anyway. HD TV’s do upconverting form SD content anyway. So as long as your TV doesn’t suck it doesn’t matter if your DVD’s upconvert SD content or not.

I wished I had gotten the one in the woot off . . . but I did buy the sling box yesterday (though I kinda wish i hadn’t b/c of the negative Bible thing)

Anyway, if I considered buying this it would need to be a really good deal. I am leaving it up to the technos out there, is this a GREAT deal? or just so so?

is the picture quality with an upconverter really that much better?

You can find that 7 reviewers gave this puppy 3 stars on Amazon on average. No CNET reviews have been found as of yet.

What kind of controls are on the front panel? I just want a decent DVD player that I can still work without the remote control.

IMHO this is an excellent player considering the price.

And I have had Toshiba DVD players and VHS players/recorders. They all lasted a long time without incident. Gave them all away to others when I got my HD recorders, etc. [that cost me $450 :frowning: ] So I would jump on this. Always good for the bedroom or basement workshop, or the office.

If I did not have 4 DVD recorders and 8 players I would be in for three. I trust Toshiba products [even though the Company did a no no with that submarine nonsense.]

Yeah, these are not the best, but it’s pretty inexpensive. And I don’t know about others, but I can’t tell the difference between all the DVD specs when people pee on this Woot [and all the other stuff Woot offers.]

I guess if one is willing to spend more money there is always something better. But isn’t that how it is with anything and everything in the world? Heck, I’m still happy with plain old DVD players. So $45 for a decent DVD player seems a good deal to me, especially for a brand name. And like I said, for the spare room, guest room, kid’s room, or workshop, these seem ideal.

Only $59.00 in store at Costco, $69.99 online, and yes it comes with the HDMI cable. The fact that a brand new item is only $20 more, makes this a no deal to say the least. The deals on this site have been few and far between for sometime now. It’s tiresome to stay up late, just to be drained with disappointment over and over. Sadly, Woot’s going downhill, while the competitors are actually increasing quite a bit. Stop trying to live, and skirt by, on your name alone and the trend you started. Instead get back to what you haven’t done in many, many months. Offer good deals on quality products.