Toshiba 11.6" Dual-Core Touchscreen Laptop

CPU Benchmark

Time to learn all about the processor

Was a Best Buy Black Friday special, 699.99 retail is a complete joke though. Wamazon…almost no real woot anymore.

And it was how much on Black Friday at Best Buy?

Are you saying this isn’t a good computer?

Silvermont arch for the price? No. Remember “netbooks”?

It’s only halfway viable because Windows 8 scales well.

The processor is weak. It’s basically has the performance of an atom processor but not as power efficient. This should be priced no more than $215.

$699 retail. Now THAT is funny. Nobody in the world paid $699 for this unit.

Thanks everyone for your opinion! I need a laptop but don’t want to waste my money…I thought I was getting a nice laptop for a great price.

Thanks for saving me!

I don’t think 4GB is enough memory. I don’t want it with less than 8 and I’d pay more.

I wouldn’t quite put this at the level of a netbook. I bought my wife a similarly spec’d Asus recently for $150 @ BB, and it’s much more usable than a netbook.

I’d take one of these over a chromebook any day. Completely fine in Office apps, and can stream HD Netflix, which was always a problem with Netbooks. And hers boots great on a 32GB SSD, unlike the netbook era. It runs surprisingly well with only 2GB RAM.

The thing that hers really misses is the touch screen. We’re both used to it on my Yoga.

I guess my point is that while I wouldn’t buy this to be a workhorse laptop, it’s probably a good extra to have around the house and it will do about any basic task you ask of it.

How is the processor compared to that HP computer with the 4G service that shows up every now and then?

I want to get something to replace my Toshiba netbook from 2009 that runs on Intel Atom. Upgrading to an 11 inch screen and more RAM (mine is maxed at 2GB) would be nice.

I looked this up on the Best Buy site for price and reviews. I found one important thing that is not mentioned in this write up. This machine has NO CD/DVD drive. Any software installed would have to be a downloadable app. It is essentially a Chromebook with a windows 8 operating system.

The quest for thinness and the explosion of digital software delivery means optical drives are on their way out on most laptops. In a couple of years an optical drive will be a special feature.

USB DVD drives are cheap and you rarely ever need to use them so it’s not too bad. As a bonus: you get a thinner laptop with maybe halfway decent battery life.

Looking at other laptops this size I did notice it is common to omit the DVD drive. Not an issue when most people download and stream anyway.

No optical drive, no deal. I’ll keep looking.

I’m so MAD I bought this and TRIED to return it the same day I purchased it within hours!!!

I was told not possible it was already processing!!

Guess what? For at least a week it didn’t even have a tracking number and I STILL don’t have it!

Plus I was told I have to pay for delievery charges AND a 15% restocking fee to return it!

I’m unsure as to why you were told to pay the delivery charges.

Once you receive the item (unless it was possibly cancelled through the vendor) you should be able to hand it UNOPENED back to UPS/FEDEX and they’ll ship it back free of charge.

I’ll go ahead and forward your info and post along to Woot Staff and investigate the issue further.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.

Thanks for the information but it was longer then 15 min.'s it was still the same day however it turned into processing and stayed in processing even after Christmas! It’s now been in shipping mode since I believe about two days after Christmas.

I was told that information in an email sent to me when I tried to cancel the item.

Plus a 15% restocking fee?!? This is crazy just for changing my mind on the same day ordered several weeks before Christmas!?!?

I just don’t understand…