Toshiba 11.6" Dual-Core Touchscreen Laptop

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Toshiba 11.6" Dual-Core Touchscreen Laptop
Price: $289.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jan 14 to Monday, Jan 19) + transit
Condition: New


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12/18/2014 - $299.99 - Click To See Discussion (16 comments)

How this processor stacks up to others.

Time to learn all about the processor and USB 3.0

At this price I’d expect it to have a terrible CPU. What I want to know is if this would be a decent travel laptop for storing photos (large RAW files) and videos. I’m not going to be playing Bioshock on it.

It does contain a 500GB hard drive, but do you see the hard drive Woot Plus right next to it? The location of that tilde key, too…

Likewise. I’m looking for a travel computer. Light, reasonably fast. All I will do on it is project power point lectures, write, and watch Netflix. Will this do the job?

The picture looks like it only has a VGA port for video output, so connection options very limited, might not work with newer projectors that only have HDMI.

[MOD: It has HDMI]

I noticed that too. The specs say there’s an HDMI, so I’m not sure what it has. At the university where I work we have adapters in both directions, so I’m not so worried about that.

[MOD: It has HDMI, see below]

Isn’t that an HDMI port on the left-hand side near the front? It looks like VGA, Ethernet, USB 3, and HDMI on the left side.

On the right it is SD card, headphone/microphone, 2 x USB 2, and power.

This a TN panel? I’d consider this if it was an IPS display

I bought one of these the last go round and have been happy with it: light, touch screen is cool (even though I have it set up like Windows 7), works for netflix/video, etc. It has HDMI. Has some sharp edges and not crazy about the bright power lights. Battery life is good but not great. Overall, good purchase.


Short battery life, Poor speakers.

Can be had all-over for this price!

Looks usable for casual use…d;^)

It shows an HDMI:

The suggested price (as most retailers do) seems way off for these specs. For this computer I would expect to walk into Staples or Best Buy and pay the woot price for this. This is an old low end processor. To use this for storing pictures, checking email, or finding out what woot has to offer each day, no worries. If you are looking to edit pictures, check your garrison dailies, kids play minecraft, or do much of anything that will want some push behind it, this probably isn’t the lappy for you.

Example I paid $100 more at Staples 2 years ago and got a Asus 11.6" touch screen with an i3 3317, same size HDD and RAM. Quite a bit beefier than this.

Anyway, as I said I think this would be a fine computer for someone with low demands (email, online shopping, surf the web, load pictures…) and not a terrible price for that.

And yes that is an HDMI out in the picture next to the USB 3 (blue) port.

are you guys gonna send it or what? it’s never been so long before. i’m gettin worried :slight_smile:

Patience, friend, we’re only on business day #4, we can have it out any time between 3-8 business days, but hopefully soon!

Mine just stopped powering up… No lights…no nothing. I sure hope the woot gods can make right on this one. I’ve only had it for two weeks. responded within 24 hours and have issued my RMA. Thanks for the quick response guys! Woot!!