Toshiba 12.5" i5 Ultrabook Convertible

**Item: **Toshiba 12.5" i5 Ultrabook Convertible
Price: $579.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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10/11/2013 - $599.99 (Woot Plus)

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Let’s check out this “very good” review from cnet

1366 x 768 is actually not too bad on a 12.5 inch display. Only concern is it comes with only 4gb ram. Is it easily upgradable? Or I have to tear the unit apart to upgrade the ram?

How does this compare to the Toshiba ultra widescreen from a few days ago? Which is the better machine/deal?

According to the Specs tab on the sale:

**Memory:**4GB DDR3 1600MHz (expandable to 8GB)

I hope this information is helpful :slight_smile:

Any idea if this can be upgraded to Win 8.1?

Yeah…If it is expandable, then it probably not very hard to upgrade the ram.

[I don’t know about this item, but it has always been my experience that when an item tries to be too many things at once (think flying or floating car) it tends to not be able to do any of it;s functions as well as an item designed only to do that function. I’ll pass.

I bougth this item, it came with wrong AC Adapter, so you have to buy another for 50 bucks (toshiba site). I have read other posts with the same issue on this product.

It should be. However, if you do NOT see the upgrade option on the screen, don’t panic!

It is likely because you first need to update your W 8 OS to the latest version, and then the W 8.1 option will appear. This was my experience with a cute little HP unit with 11" touchscreen that was $299.95 at the local office store.

I bought the previous woot deal for a similar model.

  1. RAM can be user-upgraded to 8 GB. It’s not difficult, but you will need to remove the adhesive rubber feet to expose the screws, and then you’ll need a precision torx screwdriver for one of the screws.

  2. Yes, it can be updated to Win8.1. It did so flawlessly. I have another Samsung ultrabook which 8.1 didn’t so well with the update, so YMMV.

Overall, it’s a nice little machine. I could live with the lower resolution, which was really my only complaint. It’s rather hefty to use primarily as a tablet, but if you’re propping it up on your legs or something, it’s not a bad tablet experience.

As a laptop, it takes some getting used to not being able to shut the screen/lid down forward. Trackpad is small as well. Once you get used to these quirks, and add the memory upgrade, it actually performs pretty well.

4GB of ram seems low, but it’s not uncommon when paired with an SSD. It seems like quite a few SSD laptops, even at a higher price point, only come with 4GB. At least this one is easily expandable, many ultrabooks are not.

I have one from the last WOOT. This is about the best convertible tablet I have used. As an IT manager I use a lot!

I upgrade to 8.1 no issues.
I upgraded the SSD to a 256, it uses an mSata Drive. I used Acronis to clone the drive.
I put a 64G SSD card in it to hold media.
I have not upgraded the memory, but its so fast, I am not sure I need to.

I was able to install and run Saints Row IV on it. It played great, of course with low graphics settings, but the computer can handle games well enough.
(of course I have a better gaming rig…)

Its a good size for travel. Actually about perfect.

My wife keeps stealing it from me. Every time I look its out of its case in in her hands, since its my rely on this as my on-call work computer, I sort of need it… sooner or later she will forget and I wont check and I will have an empty pack…

So I told her to buy one of these for herself!

2 questions, if anyone knows:

  1. What might the battery life be like?

  2. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 and love the stylus. Any feedback on how this might be for handwritten input?

Battery about 3-5 hours. Highly dependent on use of course.

A stylus works great with the tablet. After that, handwriting is not a hardware issue.

The windows 8 handwriting input is pretty darned good. Of course you need handwriting applications.

I also have a Note 10.1, and I’m wondering if this is pressure sensitive?

I really would like a full Win8 tablet/laptop device like Surface 2 Pro to replace my Toshiba Thrive.

My Thrive’s been good to me but I just need more that it just can’t offer me. Might be time for it to move on…

Surface Pro 2’s price makes me choke. This is not cheap but it seems like it’s actually better. Upgradable RAM & HD, meaning it’s likely a lot easier to repair. It seems like a heavier, thicker Surface Pro.

Should I wait or buy?!

While true, it’s also true that if you don’t necessarily need it to excel in any one area, broad utility can be desirable. SUVs are a good example of this.