Toshiba 14" Core i5 Touchscreen Laptop

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Toshiba 14" Core i5 Touchscreen Laptop
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out this “excellent” review over at and this thorough review over at

Can it be downgraded to Windows 7?

There’s just no way that Wooters do not have something to say about a laptop.

Gamer or Basic Use
Good for school/college?

Talk to me.

Wondering if “factory reconditioned” equates to them fixing the problem these laptops had with dropping internet connection .

I was just going to purchase this when I read the BestBuy reviewer that said the memory is not user upgradable, and the Geek Squad isn’t even able to upgrade it without voiding the warranty… WTF is that about?

Be very careful with reviews, people will post under items that look similar to theirs, but aren’t the one they have

There are some red flags on that review that tell us to take it with a full pound of salt: Why would they have gone to BB to upgrade memory? It’s the easiest thing to do on laptops. Even my mom could do it, or would at least come to me first.

Was the reviewer talking about on-board memory, in which case, they would be correct - attempting to modify that in most cases would require a bit of laptop surgery and void manufacturer warranties. I don’t see on-board memory listed here under the specs which tells me they may have had another model.

For the ‘stick’ memory, posted under specs by woot:
Memory: 6GB DDR3L 1600MHz (expandable to 16GB)

I wouldn’t trust the geek squad to upgrade my coffee by adding cream and sugar. Go to this forum and a toshiba rep will email you with specifics

Oh, lappy - if only you had an optical drive.

I’m not sure the $30 USB 3.0 DVD drive I’m looking at would dissuade me from buying this one :wink: It keeps the weight down and I don’t use the DVD drive all that often anyway!

Be careful with those reviews. They are reviewing a version with a hybrid drive: 500GB mechanical and 32GB SSD.
But Woot’s version seems to just have a 750GB mechanical.

Now that Note2001 cleared up your concern are you going to buy one ?

The product page on the toshiba site shows:
6GB DDR3L 1600MHz (Memory is not user replaceable)

and it is for almost the same model number (the woot! version has an extra B at the end).

So the question is, which product page is correct? Or does the extra B allow for user-replaceable memory?

This can be had from BestBuy brand-new for $100 more; it is currently on clearance for $599:

Sorry for the late reply.
Apparently, this question had come up on the previous offer.

Here is a link on Toshiba’s site explaining the RAM upgrade question:

That is one of the strangest discussions I’ve ever seen on a product they’re trying to sell. Why all the secrecy?

I bought this exact laptop in BestBuy about two weeks ago. It’s awesome. I work at home and will have between 5-6 programs running, including 30-40 tabs in various windows of Firefox or Chrome, plus a flash-intensive app in a second browser, and the fan will barely kick on. It’s great. The touchscreen and touchpad are nice and the backlit keyboard makes it easy to work in lowlight areas. The screen is high-gloss so not the best for working outside. The lack of an optical drive was not an issue for me, I just picked up a USB one for $35 that I can use on the very rare occasion necessary.