Toshiba 14" Core i5 Touchscreen Laptop

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Toshiba 14" Core i5 Touchscreen Laptop
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4/8/2014 - $499.99 - 19 comment(s)

Check out this “excellent” review over at and this thorough review over at

[MOD: Our configuration does not have the SSD mentioned in these reviews.]

I bought one last week and the laptop is pretty great.

There are a few things you should do when you get the laptop though.

1.) Some reviews mentioned that this laptop has poor audio. I will agree that the speakers on the laptop are not great, but you have to change the “dts studio” settings on the laptop when you get it. Once you tweak it a little bit, the audio becomes decent enough for a laptop. Same with the headphone settings.

2.) Change the mousepad settings in the icons on the lower right. The multitouch settings has a “smart area” feature which when you type, the mousepad area becomes smaller which makes it seem like the touchpad is unresponsive at the edges. I turned this feature off because every time i type something, the touchpad would seem like it stops functioning. This is because of the “smart area” feature.

3.) Dragon voice recognition is terrible, I uninstalled the program once I got my laptop.

If you keep these three things in mind, this laptop is a great buy for the price. Hope this helped some of you who didn’t find a lot of reviews on this laptop. What I like about this laptop is that it is built solid in metal, it’s quiet, and never gets hot.

The posted reviews both state that the units tested had a 32GB SSD cache. The specs on Woot make no mention of having SSD.

[MOD: Our configuration of this laptop does not include an SSD.]

How much is an SSD worth? Over at Toshiba Outlet they have the same laptop (refurb) with a 500 gb hd with 32 gb sdd for about $75 more.

If you are going to pay $75 more, better of paying $110 more and getting a 240 gb SSD and transferring your OS to this. A cache SSD is nice, but having your entire disk be on an SSD is FAR better and faster.

This deal today is still weak though. too much for too little. no more 1366 x 768 resolutions. Here is a nice deal- I’ve bought 2 of these now and love them. You’ll have enough money left over to add another 4 gb of RAM for a total of 8gb.
Add an SSD to this and your set. 1920x1080 I5 touch

Bought a similar one at BestBuy a few weeks ago. Super fast. Windows 8.1 is a learning experience. I purchased a one year support from Toshiba and it has been very helpful.

This laptop has a “built-in” battery which I believe means it is not replaceable by the user. What do I do when the battery dies?

You bust out a screw driver.

I bought this laptop last week. Haven’t played with it much. But it’s nice looking. My wife wanted to trade her vaio for it

Yours is an older 3rd gen i5. The toshiba one is haswell 4th gen i5. Faster performance and uses less battery to give you 7-8 hours battery life.

Look into a program called classic shell. Makes it work just like windows 7. I personally like this better.

The max TDP for the I5-3317U is 17 watts, the max TDP is I5-4200 is 15 watts. Passmark for the I5-3317u is 3105, the I5-4200 is 3317. The Acer has a 4 cell battery vs a 3 cell battery on the toshiba- I doubt there will be an advantage over battery life. Difference is negligible on performance. The Acer is $86 less and has a 1920x1080 screen. The Acer’s back completely comes off to access HD, Fans, open ram slot and wificard. Add 240 gb ssd for $110 and another 4 gb ram for $35 and it’s the best laptop you will find for $560 anywhere.

my neighbor bought a Toshiba C55DT model at Bestbuy a couple of weeks ago- I believe 4gb ram, 705gbhdd,win8, touchscreen and he thinks that was a better deal (new, not reconditioned). does anyone else? do I go on this or wait for something ‘better’? i don’t need anything special, just trying to upgrade to the 21st century.

The battery life of the acer you mentioned is 4.5 hours. I know 15 watts vs 17 watts doesn’t look like a big difference on paper but haswell processors do improve battery life quite a bit. I needed a laptop that could last 7 hours.

The 1920x1080 is nice but on a 14 inch screen, it really wasn’t a big factor for me. It’s a personal preference. This laptop also has the integrated graphics hd4400 which is also something to consider.

I would just recommend trying to get a 4th gen haswell intel processor. Not all core i5s are equal.