Toshiba 14" Core i5 Ultrabook Touch

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Toshiba 14" Core i5 Ultrabook Touch
Price: $549.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Mar 05 to Thursday, Mar 06) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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2/16/2014 - $549.99 - 10 comment(s)

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OK review over at and

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Note that the PC Mag review indicates that this rig comes with a 32GB SSD in addition to the 750GB spinner and alot of the speed that impressed the reviewer comes directly as a result of the SSD…my next machine has to have this set up…any configuration without an SSD IMO is just another Windows machine waiting to die in 24 months

1366 x 768 on a laptop is banned from my home.

I just crushed this deal $515
ASUS Q501LA-BBI5T03 Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz)
6GB Memory 750GB HDD
Intel HD Graphics 4400
1920 x 1080
Windows 8 64-Bit

The SSD cache drives are OK, and will speed up the opening and loading of commonly used programs- but they are no replacement for pure SSD drives as far as performance. With SSD going for about $0.50 per GB on sale (Newegg has a PNY 240 GB on sale for $120), I would rather have 240 GB of high performance then 750 GB of decent performance- that is user preference though. I have used the cache drives, and after switch to pure SSD I’ll never go back.

Gak0090 - I clicked on your link but somehow it took me to an i3 model for $449 instead. Am in the market to replace my decrepit Vista laptop - i3 or i5 processor? Not a gamer, mostly email, document/excel work and of course surfing the web for deals!

My bad. Try this

@gak0090, while I agree that today’s Toshiba Woot might be overpriced by $50-75, the ASUS at the link you posted is not directly comparable.

  1. it is a generic refurb by who knows whom with who knows what kind of quality backing. Vs this Woot factory refurb with a factory warranty.
  2. it is a 15/16 inch laptop and thereby not as compact. 14 inch vs 15/16 inch is quite noticeable when traveling/carrying/deciding what bag it needs/using on a an airplane tray/etc…
  3. its battery life is a little more than half today’s Toshiba Woot.

While you can find similar specs (14 inch, 4th gen i5 CPU, touch screen, backlit keyboard), new for a similar price with some patience and searching, what you find at this price won’t likely be ultrabook slim with as nice materials and as long battery life. Still, being a refurb, it would be nice to see this priced about $50 lower.

1)It might or might not be a generic refurb- either way it has the same 90 day warranty as today’s laptop
2)The 14" is 13.4X9.2X0.8, the 15.6" is 15.1X10X0.9. In most cases the difference in dimensions will be hardly noticeable. The screen real estate and full 1920 x 1080 definitely favors the Asus
3)The battery life is less because you are powering a larger, higher resolution panel and still maintaining a slim form factor.

Seriously- tell me that you would rather get today’s laptop vs the Asus (which is actually cheaper)

It’s not an ultrabook if it doesn’t have an SSD. Geez, this thing weighs over 4lbs. It may be fine in general, but it’s not an ultrabook.

Morning all. How about some thoughts and feedback on this here Ultrabook?

@gak0090, different strokes for different folks I guess.

Yes, size, battery life, and quality of refurb (an assurance the refurb wasn’t simply wiping it down with 409) matter. That extra 2-3 hours of battery life could make all the difference when traveling.

We have both 14 inch and 16 inch laptops and I reach for the 14’rs ten times out of ten if I have to take it out of the house. I also happen to like non-entry level Toshiba laptop durability.

And while 1920 x 1080 is nice, I think some folks blow it out of proportion, especially for a given price. “My ($600-700 unsubsidized) 5 inch lunch tray phone has it, why not this laptop?”

So if forced to choose between these two, I would pay today’s $40 higher Woot price vs the unknown refurb @ Newegg. But as I said, this Woot is over priced by about $50-75.

I don’t see this as a great deal. You can buy a laptop like this brand new at Best Buy for $50 more. Look at this:$pcmcat247400050000&cp=3&lp=16#tab=specifications

Well I’ll agree to disagree. A 1920x1080 display looks great on a 15.6"- especially for less $$

@NESticle, yep - today’s Woot is overpriced. While your BestBuy find isn’t a more compact 14 inch laptop, it does have a 1920 x 1080 display. And if I didn’t detest BestBuy so much I could drive 2 miles to pick it up today.

Edit: but the BestBuy model does not appear to have a Touchscreen, so add about $50-100 to its price.

I own this laptop and all I can say is BE NEAR AN OUTLET!

The laptop, even on “Power Saver” mode will eat through its battery within 2 hours. Also you’ll want to keep the screen at a relatively high brightness (adding to the power issue) due to its incredible glare.

The computer itself has worked fantastically so far, otherwise. I typically use mine for 3D printing and note-taking in class. Extremely lightweight, yet totally solid design. Quiet, too!