Toshiba 15.6" Core i7 Laptop w/ 12GB RAM

Lotsa good reviews, more info, docs etc on the Product Page

In case anyone was wondering like I, this is a 720p display not full hd :frowning:

Good reviews on the Toshiba website? You don’t say?

My first laptop was a Toshiba circa 1998 and it ran so well for so long that I delayed buying a new one until long after I normally would have.

This one’s CPU gets >7700 Passmark score. Tempting…

How long does the battery last? And my God this is tempting. If there was a black or grey this would be a no-brainer

The CPU (and it’s scores) are good but I’m more concerned about the video performance. I realize it’s not a gaming machine, but has Intel graphics gotten any better with the advent of the i7 and such?

such a awesome speced system EXCEPT the gpu. why all this power and great specs then only a hd4000? imo that just totally kills this whole thing and i was tempted when i read the title till i checked out the full specs. the hd4000 is just so underpowered compared to the rest of this system.

Why you need i7 process when the GPU only HD4000.680 for a refurbsihed laptop is called value?come on dont cheat yourself.this isn’t power at all.get a AMD a8 or a10 APU will run games faster than this junk.

There is no GPU, the HD4000 is built-in to the i7 chipset.

this isn’t a gaming rig but the HD4000 is a step up as far as integrated graphics are concerned. if you want to see what it can do google the the name of the processor, with HD4000, and then the title of the game. chances are someone has tried it.

I run an i7 in my desktop with no GPU and it does fine on basic games including TF2 and portal.

if you want to game, make sure it’s compatible. I’d say this would play left 4 dead 2, team fortress 2 and similar games just fine, perhaps with slightly reduced resolutions but perfectly playable.

More than that and you’ll need to install a laptop GPU if there’s a port (I didn’t check).

read reviews and google specifics for your needs. this might crunch harder on processes for other uses as well, like photoshop perhaps, than an i3 would. No need for a GPU for lots of stuff and the ram is sufficient.

A computer is only as fast as it’s slowest part. No matter what your processor, no matter how much RAM and Cache, no matter what your GPU. It is ONLY as fast as the weakest part. I wouldn’t get this. I’m a gamer, and this just isn’t a wise long term investment, as far as technology time frames go.

Those games are almost 6 years old, and I have played them fine on a 5 year old Intel core 2 computer with integrated graphics, so I wouldn’t say that that’s especially impressive.

Very true. For this computer, the i7 isn’t going to give you much advantage over an i3 or i5 unless you either do gaming/other graphics intensive tasks, or serious number crunching. Likewise for the 12GB RAM; 4GB would be plenty for day to day tasks, and even with that it’s unlikely to be your bottleneck.

Seems like most of the comments on these computers are from gamers. Gamers are a very small minority of computer users. They’re just more vocal. 95% of computer users browse the internet, look at videos, upload photos from their camera, check their email, do office work, etc. This computer will do all that stuff very well indeed. It’s a well spec’d machine and Toshiba is a good brand for laptops. I don’t know if a hundred bucks off the price for a new one is enough to justify buying a repaired computer.

The slowest part in this laptop is the 5400 RPM HDD. I would expect a laptop with a 3rd Gen i7 quad core CPU to have either a 7200 RPM HDD or a fast SSD. Sure it is “upgradable” but that upgrade pushes up the real cost in which case it makes better economic sense to buy a newer model which comes with a faster drive.

Yes, the slower 5400 RPM HDD performance IS noticeable even for the mundane web browsing, email reading, and document manipulation.

“Noticeable” does not equal significant. Waiting a second longer for your document to be saved does not matter to most people.

Actually 768 vertically… but who’s counting :slight_smile:

Resolution is: 1366 x 768


My 13 Inch Laptop has a 1280x800.

With such a loaded laptop why offer such a low end resolution? Everything lower than 800 is a deal breaker for me, especially for a 15 ‘incher’. I am OUT!

The Woot search goes on.

I agree this spec 1366 x 768 kills it. I realize this is the most “common” resolution for this size screen- but it has been for the last 10+ years and it’s ridiculous. My rezound (that is considered old now) is a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution almost equal to this laptop at 1280 x 720. The high end phones now have full HD on this size screen. There is not reason why a 15" laptop should not be displaying at least 1920x1080, if not 1920x1200. This is my rant when you have an I7 processor and a screen that is 10+ years old in technology.

I don’t know how anyone who knows anything about computers is willingly buying anything with windows 8 at all. Trying to do anything on it is like trying to tie your shoes with mittens on.

Add to that the fact that Toshiba’s new customer service is EXPENSIVE. I have a grudge against them for charging to much (and taking so much time) for what would probably be obviosu repairs to a computer geek but were not obvious to me. And this was on a brand new laptop - not refurbished.