Toshiba 15.6" Quad-Core Laptop

More info, tons of docs, and lots of good reviews on the Product Page

More great reviews from Walmart

I’m extremely interested in this, just waiting for the comments. =)

Same here. Reviews look really good. I can’t see any potential issues with this laptop, but I’m always cautious.

I don’t know how many of you would be affected by this, but Toshiba purposefully disables (and outright leaves out) the bios option for AMD Virtualization technology built into the APU for consumer laptops (e.g. Satellite). Have a last gen Satellite 875D, and when i called customer support to ask why i have no option, was told the above. It was good for light gaming; WoW was playable at low-to-medium settings, for what it’s worth.

Now mine sits as a spare laptop, while i rock out on a tricked out Lenovo Ideapad Y500.

$399.99 tonight
Previous woot: 72 comments, same price
Before that, 54 comments, and was $429.99 originally, then lowered to $399.99

I bought the 855 one step down from this 4gig RAM (still expandable to 16), the 3120 processor. Bundled with wireless mouse, neoprene sleeve and some protection software for 399+tax new. I’ve been pleased…

never bot a computer through woot, tho many other things…

the screen resolution on this seems weak (1366x 768- 720p) and it sounds like it is loaded with bloatware, plus no bluetooth…

I dont see a Windows 8 disc listed. What if I want to reformat and reinstall when I get it?

The Specs show that is comes loaded with Windows 8

Oh - sorry - you want a disk

Does this come with windows office? I know that is typically an add-on in other venues. This would be a fantastic deal if so, any clarification would be appreciated.

With Win 8, Microsoft stopped including Office Starter.

TL;DR: No, sorry.

It doesn’t look like it has a touchscreen. Am I missing something?

Nope, you’re not missing anything. Touching this screen is not allowed. Well, it won’t do anything but smudge it if you do.

Some plusses and minuses from the spec sheet:

The good:

  1. AMD A10-4600M, decently fast for this laptop, quad core
  2. Radeon HD 7660G, fast enough for older games and even some newer games at lower detail/resolution levels.
  3. 8GB of memory is a good amount for this machine.
  4. 15" laptops are the goldilocks size IMHO. Not too big, not too small.
  5. Good set of secondary features (802.11n, multi-card reader, number pad, aluminum case)
  6. 6 Cell battery.

The bad:

  1. Spinning disk hard drive. it’s a good size, but SSDs are in.
  2. 1366x768 is an embarassment for a 15" screen. It’s barely acceptable on 13" screens. There is a reason so many laptops with otherwise good specs but this screen end up on Woot.
  3. 10/100 Ethernet. Someone saved $0.03 by not putting in the Gigabit chip instead. Luckily, this is largely irrelevant to most laptop users.
  4. No bluetooth.

Question for all; does the resolution REALLY matter all that much? Yeah, a higher resolution is never bad on the eyes, but then, it drains the battery more. I would say that 90% of uses would be perfectly fine with this resolution.

True dat, regassert.

This resolution must be OK for most users, because most laptops of all sizes go out with this screen resolution regardless of where they’re bought. Yes, I’m irritated at the manufacturers for still treating better screens as a luxury item, but that’s where they are - I’m not hating on Woot for selling a good mainstream product even if I’m holding out for a more expensive one.

This lappy looks pretty good. That APU was, I believe, the top of the line mobile from the Trinity platform - which has just been replaced by the mildly upgraded Richland line (hence we’re seeing Trinity based computers here at discount). Intel Core chips will put a hurting on it for most things that stress single threaded performance, but for most things this will be great, and the integrated graphics will beat most of the Intel IGPs. Not a good answer for hard core gaming, but nothing in this price range is. 8 gig of RAM is nice, new is nice. I’d personally prefer a size smaller, an SSD, and higher rez, but I’d expect to pay for all that.

im tired of the 768 resolution or id by one
on my n53 asus with 1920 by 1080 wont go back

shame on them for 1998 screens