Toshiba 15.6" Quad-Core Laptop

**Item: **Toshiba 15.6" Quad-Core Laptop
Price: $359.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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I bought this laptop a couple months back from woot for 399 and had a bad experience so I would not recommend it. The keyboard feels really cheap and a week after the 90 day warranty was over the hard drive locked up and required me to put a password in. Called toshiba and they said I have to replace the hard drive. No response from woot support, good thing I got a squaretrade warranty. Its decent for light gaming but given my experience I’m not buying any more refurb laptops on woot.

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Decent i3-class computer usingan AMD processor. There is nothing spectacular but neither is anything especially bad, although this laptop does lack Bluetooth. For those who need it, you can either replace the WiFi card for under $20 or add a USB dongle. As for the rest, it’ll do almost anything a college student needs although heavy gamers will want a better processor and GPU. But it’ll handle email, word processing, spreadsheets, Skype, etc just fine. IN fact, you can have several of thse apps running simultaneously. The keypad is helpful if you do a lot of data entry or calculations. It also allows you to access certain Alt-characters. This laptop is great for the casual to intermediate user without any special needs. And the price makes it easy to upgrade to a better laptop when the time comes. Thats not the case with people who buy $1000 laptops…

I cannot speak on the quality of the materials used to build the laptop…

But from a hardware standpoint this computer is priced more than fair.

Besides my bias for 15 inch screens being the “sweet spot” for laptops…the processor and RAM combo should be good for anybody that uses their laptop for the “conventional stuff.”

Guys I need a quick advice, I will need a new laptop by the end of October cuz I will give mine to my brother. I just need a good machine for entertainment i.e. store & play my music, watch movies, internet browsing & gaming. Is this a good deal or should I wait till the end of October so that laptops usually get cheaper with time? & I am also puzzled should I go for Intel i7 CPU or AMD A10 CPU? Prices vary greatly!!

This will do all of the above, aside from intense gaming, although some other people complained of the quality, price is good for what I believe you will use it for. On a side note, based on what your description, I don’t believe you will have use for anything above an i5 processor.

Also if I had to wait till Oct I would wait for Black Friday if at all possible. Laptops get cheaper over time but a deal is a deal.

Recently my brother asked me to find him a laptop for him to use in college and this is what I found.

If you could wait till BF I would, otherwise this is a great laptop for your use case, assuming that the build quality is decent.

SquareTrade is a great option as well at this price, like another user said. Good luck.

That really depends on what type of gaming you do I think. The AMD Graphics card is much better for gaming. I would prefer a better hard drive but at $355 you can upgrade that. If you’re using it for just emails, web browsing, video watching more than high def gaming then you’re more than fine.

So, for one game in particular: Civ V.

I don’t care that much about being able to use max graphics - Civ V’s basic graphics aren’t too shabby - but I am tired of being limited to smallish maps with 8-10 civs/city states to avoid serious lag between turns.

Would this let me crank out a 20-civ battle royale (without cheese) on a huge map without giving me time to read War & Peace in the intervals?

@coomanperson, 'hope your brother doesn’t want to make friends at college. That looks like a 17 inch laptop. It would block the view of kids behind your brother in a lot of classrooms. Also a 17 incher doesn’t leave much space on a small desk for anything else.

14 inch or smaller laptops… or sometimes tablets make a lot more sense for college.

(Cred: we have a kid in college and one who just graduated)

This looks like a good laptop with radeon graphics. I have bought a few things refurb and have had mixed results so here’s a similar one - $388 & prime new on amazon:

Bought this a month or so back for a $10 more. For the price it cannot be beat. Great graphics card, faster than any Intel HD Graphics you see out there, more than enough ram, and once I put my “old” Crucial M4 128GB SSD in it, the thing flies. Plays Minecraft and TF2 like a champ, haven’t tried any other games yet.

What settings are you using on Minecraft? Looking for something for my son that’s not $1000 to play MC without lag.


@jnissico, while I won’t quibble that similar new laptops can be found for similar or slightly higher prices with a bit of searching, the example you cite does not qualify.

That one is not sold by Amazon - it is an unproven 3rd party selling via Amazon. It is from Toshiba’s entry level line unlike this woot and has a weaker CPU. And the quantity is very limited - down to 3 left when I looked.

I don’t see touch screen mentioned. Seems like Windows 8 works better with a touch screen.

added this to cart to check price and with tax, etc. it came out to about $390.

Saw this new HP at Best Buy for $399 before tax and was wondering if anyone knew how the performance would be better with the Toshiba?
I’m not a gamer so the graphics speed is not super critical.

I can speak to this since I own and use both. I bought this exact model from woot in June. I’ve had no problems with the time between turns being exceedingly large. It felt like a reasonable amount, no more than a few seconds. The graphics will also play at the highest quality, so this is a great budget laptop for casual gaming. I bought it specifically to meet the recommended specs for Skyrim and it plays that beautifully, even with the HiRes textures. This a great buy at the price.