Toshiba 17.3" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

Core 2 Duo benchmarks?

Core i5 2430m

Not much here yet. (Probably because woot wasn’t here for a while and then we were all wootbot for a while…)

I’m needing a laptop for daughter#2 soon (her birthday is in mid-September) and this one looks to have decent specs for her needs, so it boils down to what people think of this thing.

Comments from anyone who has one?


d’oh, i thought that seemed low for a ~500 dollar laptop, thanks for fixing it. I’ll be honest, I was phoning it in tonight :tongue: dragged myself away from packing moving boxes to post something in a bunch of dead forums.

Anyways, Thanks again.

Edit: Gonna try and redeem myself here

$733 new from toshiba. Along with 11 reviews averaging 4.5 stars over there

Here is a detailed spec sheet

Uh, what’s with the “Tanga Rules! Woot Drools!” message on the laptop screen?

Are some rabid Tanganites responsible for the earlier site problems?

Tanga??? really?

My wife is lovin’ the last Toshiba Woot deal… & now this one for a few dollas more! This one is an even better deal in that it is a true blue Intel core i5 vs. an AMD quad core. Regadless, the better half enjoys the the expansive keyboard & the way the keyboard responds. Sigh… I wish I had waited. Two thumbs up!

Comments for some of the other laptop deals have me afraid to buy these refurb laptops. I’m looking for a replacement laptop, since our Dell’s battery is dying and Dell wants $150 for a battery for a five year old computer. That’s insane.

However, others have said that these refurbished laptops are used for a while in business and then sold as refurbished. Can Woot really sell a computer that’s been used for a while (a year?) in business as refurbished?

There’s a battery upgrade available from Toshiba for $150 that might be useful.

Sure, so long as it’s been refurbished (factory-spec software bundle ugh, maybe a new touchpad, stickers unstuck, soda removed from keyboard, … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the specs link.

Again though, no description of which gen SATA supported (looking for SATA3), no description of the webcam (probably VGA level), but does list a plethora of bloatware (to be expected in a brand name offering).

On a positive note, it does support SDXC flash cards and there are dock offerings for those in need.

Then I won’t be buying any of these. A year of business use is a lot of use (several years of home use), and if the bathtub curve is correct, these are well on their way to failing.

No matter what the tech specs VS price issues are, this series of shell case from Toshiba are notoriously weak at the hinges. Be gentle with it and you might be OK. I opened mine up and added epoxy to fill all the hollow hinge supports. You should too.

I am pretty certain you can find a replacement generic battery for your dell for less than $50.

I’ve bought several laptops from Woot and they’ve all been brand new. I expect this one to be also, since Toshiba is selling off all their old models to make way for the new. Other sites do sell actual refurbished equipment, I’ve bought some for work purposes, but I’ve never seen a used Woot refurbished computer, I think it’s a way to lower the warranty to 90 days to get the cheaper price. Downside is that it doesn’t have a USB 3.0 port for external drives or Blu-ray DVD drive for watching movies (not important to some).

Will a Laptop with Blu-Ray Writer, and Windows 7 Pro ever happen?!

I’m not positive on that. I just bought the 15.6" version with an AMD A6 and 640GB for $500 from Walmart, and although the online spec sheet for mine did not specify a USB 3.0, the box and interior manual both highlighted one USB 3.0 slot. Maybe it’s an oversight?

Can someone explain what this means? and how much it costs?

Buy Microsoft® Office 2010 to activate a full-featured Office suite preloaded on this PC.

Here’s the Microsoft FAQ on Office Starter. There are different editions of Office 2010 for you to pick from including home versions. It depends on what you need.

The Office pre-installed on this is just the basics. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint I believe. Outlook not included. Plus, they have ads in the programs while you’re working. It’s somewhat annoying. If you want all the Office features and no ads you’re going to have to purchase the normal Office, which I believe you can pick up over on Amazon for anywhere between $99 and $269 depending on what you need.