Toshiba 17.3" Full-HD Core i7 Laptop

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Toshiba P75-A7200B i7-4700MQ 8GB/750GB/DVD/17.3
Price: $549.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Dec 13 to Monday, Dec 16)
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Toshiba 17.3" Full-HD Core i7 Laptop
Price: $549.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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This is a good deal,

I paid $699 for an HP with nearly identical specs not even 2 months ago here on wood

The only difference is I have a 1TB drive vs a 750gb and mine is a touchscreen but I would rather have this laptop the keyboard looks much better than my flimsy one

This is an amazing deal - I’m more than a little annoyed. I also got the nearly identical HP for $150 more. At the time, Dealnews considered it the best PC deal on the market. That machine is great - or as great as any integrated GPU rig will ever be - but this is a much better deal. With 256gp SSDs crossing $150, what is there not to like.

Don’t do it before researching Toshiba hard drives. I just had one of their satellite hard drives fail after 600 hours. A quick search will show you that it is quite common and the reason why they upped their warranty for 3 years. Toshiba doesnt even make their own drives.

I see no SSD drive here on this laptop.

I think they may have meant that with the price of SSD so low, that upgrading this machine wouldn’t cost that much.

Windows 8? No deal at any price.

This isn’t a touchscren? I thought that the main advantage of Win 8 was to use it with a touchscreen?

Wow- this is the best deals I have seen on woot in a while. I have absolutely no reason to buy this but for $550 it’s tempting. I would slap an SSD and blue-ray burner in this bad boy and be on my way. Not a huge fan of windows 8, but I could deal with it, or just install windows 7 when I replace with an SSD. The 8.1 windows update helps and there is 3rd party software to make it like windows 7 if you like. Touchscreen would be nice, but not a deal breaker- on one hand it’s cool to have touchscreen capability- yet on the other hand I HATE fingerprints on my screen. Anyone in the market for a 17 inch laptop should definitely consider this deal at this price.

With a touchscreen, Windows 8 is amazing. I think it will kill Apple and the iPad in 3-4 years. The concept of the laptop will be replaced by a do everything tablet (a prediction that’s been made the last 15 years).

Without a touchscreen, windows 8 will make you hate life and drink too much.

Yeah, but I have this one already and I hate the mouse pad, the lack of actual buttons drives me crazy. I have to use a mouse or I will end up throwing this laptop out a window.

Question: I bought a laptop literally days ago from the sellout computer takeover. Is it possible to return/cancel that sale and purchase this one instead? What is the Woot return policy if any?

Currently we only have a 15 minute window on cancellations: you can read about it here.

If you want to return the item you purchased, just refuse the package when it arrives.

Check out the Woot FAQ for more details:Woot’s Return Policy

So I hate to be the guy that asks, but how often is the 15% restocking fee usually enforced? The laptop I bought a few days ago was $400 so a $60 restocking is tough to swallow if I’m also spending an extra $150 for the laptop on sale today…sigh. Decisions decisions.

Is the return policy for damaged goods mistated here?

“You’ll need to contact our Customer Support Team within 21 days of purchasing your product if it arrives damaged or defective.”

Why is it based on purchase date and not 21 days after receipt? Given the length of time it takes to actually ship these things and get to us, we’re not left with much time at all to actually evaluate to ensure there is no problem.

I’m not certain if I can answer your question but we appreciate your inquiry.

If have any questions or comments about the policy, please feel free to email Woot Member Services at

I don’t honestly know if that applies to unopened returns. Again, if you’re confused or curious about your particular situation/order we ask that you email into and inquire.

Multiple questions here…

No options for Xmas gifts?
That’s not real convenient for those of us who are forced to use the internet for gifts.

No paypal option on new addresses?
I added a new shipping address and it doesn’t allow paypal as a payment method.

One per customer?
Is this one per day, one ever?



There Technical is the worst in the World my Ultrabook has been in there Outsourced Shops in IL and CA 3 times and they were suppose to have a Manager call me and they never did so I had too send to Square Trade who kinda of figured it out but I am still having issues with it after spending 7 of the last 10 months in the shop because Toshiba will only repair not replace because of the WOODS DEAL WE SO - CALLED GOT