Toshiba 17.3" Full HD Quad-Core i7 Laptop

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Let’s watch an unboxing (both parts) [youtube=ni7P8qu_SKc][/youtube] [youtube=PxUB4uJ0Nkw][/youtube]

Am I missing something or is that unboxing video not the same laptop… For starters… the video shows an i5, this laptop on woot has an i7… And the video shows a P875-S7200… The one on woot is a P875-S7102B…

I have the P875-S7310 (a very close model), that I purchased last March, on clearance, when it was being replaced by a new model. I love this laptop, though you have to like larger laptops. I’m a software developer, so I have to have a larger screen, so it’s what I wanted.

I wish it had a SSD hard drive, and I’ve had a few issues, but nothing that makes me regret it. First, and I’m certain it’s a Win8 issue that I haven’t looked hard enough to find a fix, the screen brightens and darkens, if the battery is below 100%, while it’s charging. Second, which I wonder if it’s related, the battery won’t charge enough to increase the charge, if it’s being used while charging, IF it’s below about 20 - 30%. I rarely use it without being plugged in, though. Finally, if I’m watching videos, even starting from a full battery, the power drains faster than the cord charges it, so if I fall asleep, or forget to take it out of full screen, it eventually powers off due to low battery. So, my kids can’t play games nonstop for more than 2 - 3 hours.

I installed Win8.1 preview, hoping that it will fix those issues, but I haven’t tested that out. It was a display model, so perhaps the battery has issues, though it gives me plenty of life. Or, maybe they gave me the wrong cord. I have extended warranty, so I just need to contact them, if the reinstall didn’t fix the charging/power drain issues.

That said, I really have liked it, even when using Visual Studio or other intensive apps. The screen is beautiful, I love the keyboard layout, and that it has plenty of USB. Pretty much everything is fast, as you’d expect, despite not having an SSD hard drive. And it survived a drop upside down (while closed) from my cat knocking it down. My teen boys and I haven’t found many games it won’t play well, and those are the ones you’d expect from just about any laptop not specifically designed for gamers, for less than $2k. I’d totally buy this, if I was looking for one.

You’re right it’s not the same model.

Pretty good price. I like the 4 USB 3.0 ports. In for 1, thanks Woot :slight_smile:

I bought a similar model new from BestBuy just yesterday. The model I have is P75-A7200. Not exactly the same but from what I can tell it’s the same shell.

I like it quite a lot. Still getting used to Windows 8…anyone with a good guide for apps - or useful tips/shortcuts etc for someone who does know stuff about computers - would be greatly appreciated.

My computer has a fourth gen processor but its hd, 17.3’ etc, etc, blah blah blah seems to be the same.

I’ve never bought a computer from Woot, but had I waited another day or two and saw this, I probably would’ve bought this and saved a couple hundred bucks.

My computer only has a 4 cell battery, this one a 6 cell, so I imagine the battery would last a little longer…this one leaves a bit to be desired. Mine can only go about 2.5 - 3 hrs while watching netflix…about 4 doing just word processing / browsing. It does charge very quickly, though.

According to Toshiba’s official page, this laptop has been discontinued. With such current specs – I mean, it has FOUR USB 3.0 ports! – I wonder why that’s the case.

From Toshiba:

I assume that this means that it’s been discontinued.

Since your laptop is only a day old, why not return it and buy this? Even if BestBuy charges a restocking fee, you should still save a few hundred bucks --and increase your battery life!

As for Windows 8, I hate it with a passion. In fact, it’s the first OS that I actively hate and would label user-unfriendly. And I’ve used many OSs from CP/M to DOS to OS/2 (Microsoft’s precursor to Windows) to every version of Windows including Win ME and Vista. Then there are the non-PC platforms from Commodore, Atari, Timex-Sinclair, etc – I’ve tried almost all of them. I’m not exactly a technophobe either, having been a programmer (and now a researcher). Windows 8 is by far the most frustrating, and for the first time, I may make the transition to Mac.

Win 8 defenders claim that it has everything that Win 7 had and so much more. And that Metro can be defeated with some add-ons to bring back Start (I use Pokki, but it’s only semi-successful). Well, it’s exactly the “so much more” that I detest. Microsoft should have just improved the OS core (i.e. speed and security) and left the user interface alone. Instead, in a desperate attempt to sell their failed tablets and cellphones, tried to make a hybrid UI that simply doesn’t work on non-tablets. And that includes laptops with touchscreens. It’s simply inefficient to have to lift your hands off the keyboard/touchpad to press the screen.

It seems as if every touchpad movement becomes a gesture and screens and menus are popping up all over the place. A simple cursor movement is interpreted as a swipe. No screen edge or corner is safe! I can’t even put two fingers on my touchpad without it being misinterpreted. Yes, I know I can customize Win 8 and my touchpad but who has the freakin’ time to do that AND clean up that bloatware-filled mess, the Metro desktop? I don’t use 90% of that stuff, especially the Xbox whatever…

If Microsoft was sincere about Win 8 boosting productivity (as opposed to an attempt to sell phones and tablets), they would have implemented all the new UI features – but left them for the users to turn on as desired! Not force them on us as is the case. The fact that they got rid of Start speaks volumes. Why not allow users to turn on Metro if they want, or stick with the old UI? Likewise for all the gestures, etc. I, for one, don’t use Facebook, Twitter, any Xbox service, Netflix, etc. A nice calendar, news and weather widget is all I want on my desktop along with a few shortcuts. Nor do I appreciate most of the gestures and hotspots which I equate with noise pollution.

You’ve failed miserably, Microsoft. Better bring back the old UI with the upcoming update before Apple wises up and makes some low cost Macs. Then you’ll really see people defect like never before.

Here are some reviews:

1- Star stingy NOTEBOOK REVIEW likes it, “great desktop replaclement” but takes 1.5 stars off because it’s big & beautiful "beautiful colorful 17+in display"click here for NotebookReview for details

2- TOSHIBA customers buying it NEW at $925.99 give it 4 stars (many 5’s with some 3’s) Toshiba reviewers here

3- CNET-UK reviewers paying £1,100 NEW ($1746.58 USD) give it 4 stars CNET review here

4-Amazon (Woot’s momma) selling one left at $899.99 gets 5 stars from 2 reviewers Amazon review here

5-Slick Deals finds it in groupon refurb (like woot) for $515 but it’s sold out.

Woot sells a laptop daily but never at full HD resolution (1920x1080) like this Toshiba. It also comes with an i7 processor, 4 USB-3’s, 17+in display, for $499. I’m in for one. I own Macs because of all my image processing but I’ve been here looking for a full HD screen to maintain my professional photo site ( click here) remotely from outside the studio and so I’ll be using it for browsing, minding the store, minor image work etc with all the heavy image updating on the Macs. Anyway, I’m NOT buying another Apple until they slay Mountain Lion and replace it with a Snow Leopard-like OS.
If you are looking for a desktop-replacement machine that can also play full HD video this is the one. At 6+ pounds may NOT be something to lug around.

Let’s see how Microcrap’s windows 8 behaves.

PS: If you want to upgrade it to a speed demon, you can bring the RAM memory to 32GB and get a bigger harddrive or put in a SSD. A link to Crucial is here.

And for $79 you can upgrade the 30 day toshiba warranty to a year Square Trade one.

This is just a flat out good deal. Screen size is too big for me (not in the market for a laptop anyway). I think 15 ish is the sweet spot.

But again, specs/price this is just flat out a good deal.

My mom bought either this or a very similar model, new, from Best Buy a month or two ago. I’ve used it some. Rather nice, with a few unexpected but spiffy features (connecting an audio source to the mic/line-in jack while the laptop is powered off will play the audio via the laptop’s speakers, for starters). My only two complaints about it are the typical-for-laptops 5400 RPM hard drive and, more importantly, Windows 8. Win8 is okay, I guess, but if you’re used to Win7, you might consider downgrading.

Does anyone knows if I can upgrade graphic card ?

A great deal of the Windows 8 pain can be alleviated by installing one of the 3rd party start menu programs. Of the ones I looked at some time ago, ClassicStart and StartIsBack both allow you to easily operate entirely like win7, with all the metro c**p banished.

One of those will be the one of the first things I install.

By the way, this reportedly has a second disk drive bay:

I happen to like that metro “c**p”. Sure, it takes a little getting used to, but after you do, it’s pretty awesome.

Yeah. Am I missing something here? The specs are not only current but would be considered to be very top tier of the mid-level models. I dont understand how its so cheap. Can someone please offer an idea or maybe theres something that was really wrong with them, like they are severely refurbished ?

Intel new haswell chipset for laptops is out. Anything without haswell is being discontinued.

I’ve been looking at this and the P75-a7200 for a while now. The main “improvement” of the new model is a 4th generation i7, while this is 3rd gen. I’ll also note that this is the only p875 that had full 1920x1080, while it appears that all the p70/p75 ones do. The P75-a7200 was on sale at bestbuy for $700 recently, so there’s price pressure to move out the older models, and refurbs have to go even lower. Several used ones have gone for less than 500 on ebay, and while I was waiting to see if I could pick one up for closer to 400, this is less of a risk.

I refuse to buy Windows 8 forever.