Toshiba 21.5" 1080p LED Monitor

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Toshiba 21.5" 1080p LED Monitor
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $13 Two-Day OR $16 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Anyone have any idea if you could plug a 360 into this?

Sure can - as long as you have one with an HDMI out. I think some of the earlier ones didn’t have them, but any in the last couple years do for sure.

You need something for audio obviously since there are no built in speakers, but yeah this is what I do, it works.

From the description: “It’s got built-in speakers and audio input jack”

Is the height adjustable?

Check the Customer Review at and think about it.

One awsome. One worthless.Sounds like a bad coin toss to me.

seems to be phone book compatible if you need an extra couple inches of height.

Don’t know where CowboyDann has been, but last entry before I have to go back:
Reviews: best buy
Retrevo w/price trend and few more comments:

Product page:

having trouble finding the manual.

Gotta go. Good night.

in for 2

I would really like to know the power consumption of the device. More than just ‘Low power when in power saving mode’. I want to know wattage for normal use. I also find it frustrating that I can’t readily find the product manual.

Normally LED monitors have extremely low power consumption compared to LCD monitors of the same size. There is not an Energy Rating (yellow tag) on computer monitors like they have on TV’s, but all the LED TV’s compared to their LCD counterparts blow the energy use away, sometimes as much as 5 times or more… I hope this helps.

I am also about 85% sure the LED panel is made by Samsung. Toshiba has been transitioning to Sharp since Foxconn entered into a procurement agreement with Toshiba’s OEMs, and this could be why this model is being cleared out to make way for the Sharp-manufactured panels.

We just purchased 3… and a friend is buying another 3 more for me.

Does anyone know whether Toshiba will honor its warranty for new products purchased on Woot? I bought a refurbished laptop that had a dead charger a few months back. Called them, but Toshiba said it doesn’t support clearance products bought from Woot.

This is a new monitor with a 3 year Toshiba warranty. All you should need is your receipt which you can print from “Stuff you Bought”.

If they will not honor the warranty, email for assistance.

On your other item, do be sure to check the sale to see who holds the warranty. In some cases, items may have a woot warranty.

I considered buying this…then I saw the joke about the NHL Lockout. Now I’m depressed and no longer considering this purchase.

Too bad there isn’t a way to wire up a remote control for the volume, it would make an good cheap LCD tv. Now I have to walk all the way over to turn it off and change the volume :frowning:

I assume a VESA back mount isn’t possible on this model?

Looking at the photo of the back, I’m gonna say no VESA mount.