Toshiba 24” 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

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Toshiba 24" 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player
$239.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Perfect to mount under my towel holder, across from the toilet.

Is this the model that has a slight tilt due to the weigh of the DVD player not being counter balanced?

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I was thinking the same thing, until I remember that Comcast will charge me to have another TV in the house. I hate Comcast and their little boxes.

Previous woot was $10 more at $249.99:

Edit: posted just above me, so here were my comments from last woot

Support page. No manual, but firmware update instructions and support bulletins:

4 reviews, 3.5 stars at B&H:

Two 5 star, one 4-star review at Toshiba site posted earlier (including images and spec sheet):

3 reviews at Crutchfield:


Hmmm… come back when it has a built-in Blu-ray player. Of course, it’s a nice all-in-1 with 2 HDMI and a VGA input, so you can use it as a computer monitor too.

I dunnooooo…

$320 on Amazon, some good and some bad reviews.

1280x1080 Resolution? Now that is one I have never heard of…

My other relevant commments from the previous woot (separate from my comments above):

Toshiba didn’t do well in PCMag’s 2010 HDTV readers survey,1871,iid=267315,00.asp

or in PC World’s readers survey last fall:

but some (not all) of the reviews as noted were quite positive here/referenced on the earlier woot.

Edit: and the Amazon link itself to the info mentioned above–$319.98, 3 stars, 9 reviews

Another TV i don’t need, maybe i should just go outside like the old days and get something done.

Yeah, odd resolution to me too. My 24" Samsung is at 1920x1200 which is perfect. That one sounds really square.

Outside? What is this thing you call “Outside”?

Can I just say that I love this community? It’s fantastic to see people jumping on these deals to share their experiences and opinions. Good stuff.

You need more fiber if you are there long enough to watch a DVD… :slight_smile:

Quitter. Do you have a TV in your garage ? I think not.

You don’t need the cable box, this tv has a BUILT IN DVD PLAYER! That’s what makes it so great!! Why am I so excited over a 24" TV?!

Or possibly a Roku Box- they’re a lot smaller than i thought and would probably mount to the side of this with a little Velcro with no problem.

Edit: OH YEAH! 'CAUSE IT’S ALSO 1080P!!!

does this toshiba have a sleep timer

Size problem, it’s way too small. That would be a perfect size for a bathroom in my home. It would be too small for the smallest bedroom here.

If it was a 32" I would grab it at up to $100 more for the smaller guest room or for when either of us are cooking in the kitchen. My computer monitor is 24" or 25", has HDMI, a kick butt display and easy TV capabilities and I never use it for TV or DVD. Even when one of us is watching the 37" LED-LCD and it’s a show the other doesn’t like.

Sorry Woot, we were on a spending roll, 3 days in a row of orders.

Ooh, my wife’s Xoom arrived 2 days ago. She’s happy with it which keeps things nice and calm round here. Thanks for a speedy delivery Woot.