Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

That’s… um… suggestive…

Mmmm, tacos. Hey, I’m hungry!

Double Tacos~!

Alright another TV to add to the woot-tv collection!

I love Tvs

Gee those Taco’s look a bit familiar lined up like that LOL


and it’s not even a refurb!

I guess I picked a bad day to stop eating tacos.

i suddenly want tacos and i dont know why

Yes! in for 3,
Oh, I thought it said $199…

My bad!


I just realized my wife overlooked Taco Tuesday in favor of LOST.

Now I’m p*ssed.

got one of these from WOOT and its worked great

Amazing deal, abt had a 15 inch one on sale for $226

If it was 1080P I’d consider using it as a TV/monitor. My laptop has greater than 720P res.

With an internal DVD player… that’s not too bad at all.

This is tempting, but I am Loathe to spend 300 bucks this early in the woot-off. I might regret this, but my checkbook won’t.

And she didn’t invite me!

Now I’m poed.

Almost regretted my 32in Samsung I just got for 389 but then saw:

“8ms response time”