Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-in DVD Player

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did you try channel z?


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h.h. greggs has 24’ for $200

Does this mean my 13" color TV with built in VCR is obsolete?

The problem with a built-in DVD player is that the DVD player never lasts as long as the TV.

I’m sure it has some collector’s value now.

I got one of these some weeks ago from a previous Woot offer, think it was about the same price. It works great, looks great, 2 HDMI ports are nice, glow-in-the-dark remote is … nice. The only thing not nice is the audio via the HDMI cable from either my BR player or Roku box gets dropped when “scanning” (ff/rw) on either. Might be my specific unit and only has happened a few times thus far.

Dumb question: can you wall mount or does it have to sit on a stand?

Update: Guess clicking the pic would have told me. Doh!

Hey! The EyeClops Mini Projector really does look a lot like Wall-E, doesn’t it?

From what NightGhost and I put up last woot on reliability for HDTV’s:


and the chart:

PCMag: last summer

and the chart itself:,1871,iid=267315,00.asp

Toshiba’s not great, but the price is good, compared to when I was just shopping for the TV alone in this size.

Hey, Woot…you really need to add a button for “I Want One But Can’t Afford It Right Now” by the products. I would so be clicking that right now!

How about this:

I Want One But Can’t Afford It Right Now

I generally avoid combo items (except for foods!) because the parts that make up the sum are usually inferior. For example, the DVD player is probably pretty generic, lacking more advanced functions like upconversion and bookmarking. Furthermore, if the power supply breaks, or you lose the remote control, you’d lose the function of both sdevices.

I would suggest you set this at a better angle if you purchase this. You wouldn’t want to view this from a ladder or something…

Looks like a very good deal…I’m measuring my entertainment center right now!

Reprise: Reliability Chart.

Here’s the article it came from (different from PC Mag article linked above).

Once again, Carlton Bale’s article:

1080p Does Matter – Here’s When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution)


At 5 feet or closer, you start to see the benefit of 1080p with a 26" screen.

Ask HD Beat: What’s the deal with 1366 x 768?

Here’s the manual.