Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-in DVD Player

Manufacturer’s Spec Sheet

This looks like it would be perfect for a bedroom.

Nice buy. I have bought 3 of them… 2 for me and one for a gift.

The built in DVD player makes it nice for my upstair patio. I wall mounted the TV and finding a place for a DVD player would have been a nuisance.

Can these things play Divx files on a DVD-R?

I haven’t tried that on mine. The specs don’t mention DivX, so I doubt it.

Currently going for $355 on Amazon. Reviews aren’t too shabby, either.

Wow! This is nice.

The best price I found on the web was $350. It gets good user ratings…here is a link to a review summary that covers the entire CV100 series:,33/#partner:50472

I would definitely get one or two if it did!
Putting a 22 TV episodes on one disc is awesome.

Love the picture of the baked potato…now I’m hungry! (Yes…I know it’s Not a baked potato!)

I currently have been using this model for 2+ years. It doesn’t play ANY DVD’s other than the originals bought from the store. It’s not bad for the bedroom, but forget about the DVD player. You can do a lot better with another model.

Previous woot, y’all:

including what I posted last time about reliability from PCMag in 2010 of HDTV’s in general:,2817,2368161,00.asp

the pop-up chart in relation to it:,1871,iid=267315,00.asp

and PC World’s HDTV reliability review:

Toshiba ain’t at the top or bottom.

Nearly $300 for a 720p 26" tv?!?! A built-in dvd player ain’t gonna get me to pay that much especially, when I see 32" Toshiba, Samsung, Vizio, etc. 1080p TVs on sale all the time for $299 (without the built in DVD, but seriously, you do know these thing called Blurays are out right?). Pass! And definitely not a deal (if you think it is then you don’t check online sales often).

Edit: I guess people are lovin’ these up so I rescind my comment. It’s a great deal! Go ahead and buy away people and just because I am so nice, I will even let you buy mine.

Product support page including manual (I’m having trouble linking directly to the manual pdf):

and the product website page bryan1436 got the spec sheet from, I’m guessing:

Can this unit be inverted so the DVD player is on the right instead of the left? I want to mount it in my RV and the left side will be by the wall.

10.24" deep sounds like this would be a huge block hanging off a wall. Is that depth including the base or the actual T.V.?

Then you wouldn’t have a TOSHIBA, you’d have a V3IHSO+.

Bummer. The 26LV61K (26" Toshiba LCD with built in DVD player) I bought from woot over a year ago for $299 plays Divx DVD-R’s. Shame they removed that feature… it is great putting an entire season on one disc. It makes a great bedroom ‘hit play and have background tv on all night for the restless sleeper’ TV.

what is with the David Bowie references?