Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-in DVD Player

Hey at least we end on a TV!

better than a curtis at least

/commence DVD vs Blu-ray fight?

another tv?

I really want a bag o’ carp!

I’ll hold out for a DVD player with a built in HDTV.

End? Seems like we’re still missing something

A recognizable brand!

I missed the Sansa that I would have actually bought just to see the (same?) TV up for the third time tonight.

Who’s ending? I’m sure as hellophone not.

It’s like they’re conducting a study. How many tvs can we sell in one day?


Well worth it. Got one on Woot a few months back. Even somewhat decent sound for a thin LCD deal.

Someone is playing with Reaper Mini’s at the office again.

Dang I wanted the sansa. Bought it from BB for 40 bucks and it’s still sitting in the box right next to me. Oh well!

I make it a rule not to buy anything with the words “built-in” in the title.

“Hey, the winter weather is slowing down our shipping process. This item may take longer than usual to arrive.”

Why the disclaimer on this one? Like anyone expects to get thier stuff quickly after tne end of a woot off anyway!!!

How does this compare to the 24" or 26" with built in DVD player I didn’t buy earlier?

Winter weather slowing down shipping? I’m looking out the Window of my Dallas apartment and not seeing any winter weather.