Toshiba 300 Sq Ft Portable Air Conditioner

Toshiba 300 Sq Ft Portable Air Conditioner

I’d like more information about the hose that’s mentioned in the description.

It’s the hose that takes the hot air outside. There’s a link in the “In the box” section with more info.


The Unit itself is really nice, much nicer than I expected for the price. It comes with the hose that will extend to apx. 5 ft. maybe a bit longer if you stretch it and fully compacted it’s about 18 inches and everything you need is included, the remote even has batteries. It comes with the booklet too. It’s very easy to use and is quiet and operates smoothly. It cranks the cold air and you can hook a garden hose directly to the unit to drain the water so you never have to mess with dumping buckets of water unless you choose to. We run ours directly outside and never have to mess with it.

Mine had received some minor damage in shipping that was resolved quickly, Customer Service is GREAT, very friendly and I did not have to return it thankfully but we did have to get a new wheel for it (without all the wheels it vibrates horribly) and get the air flap fixed (ended up being an easier fix than I expected) but this was not the fault of the company, although I suggest it be packed better since it is an 82 pound beast Would I buy it again? absolutely! It is well worth the price and works great.


Is a drain hose required if you only use the air conditioning mode?

Nope - it has autoevaporate technology - when using in AC mode, the water will be used to cool the coils and evaporated out the vent hose.