Toshiba 40" 1080p LED HDTV

Beware, the one I bought worked a whole two days…and they won’t replace because even tho it isn’t sold out, there is no inventory to replace it with. Huh? THAT inventory is for NEW sales. Oh, of course, existing buyers shouldn’t expect anything. Well, guess I shouldn’t tempt fate twice anyway…returning and guessing they won’t refund shipping either. So sad.

If we offered you a return for a defective item so close to you having received it- we should have also covered the return shipping and will refund the original shipping.

Unfortunately, most of our inventory is often tied up either in currently running sales or our vendor has determined they’re unable to replace an item and we’re not able to offer a replacement. If you want a replacement for a defective item, we will urge you to go through the manufacturer or whomever your warranty is through.