Toshiba 50" 1080p LED HDTV

Bought this same TV from Woot a few weeks back. Works great. Haven’t ran into any issues with it whatsoever.

Tons of info, reviews etc on the Product Page

More positive reviews from Walmartians
Online viewable Manual

I bought this one last time around. The picture is good - no complaints there.

The built in speakers are weak, as to be expected, but I have a Boston Accoustics soundbar I thought would work fine. The soundbar only takes RCA inputs, which this unit doesn’t have outputs for. It does have 3.5mm headphone jack output though, and I have a 3.5mm to RCA adapter, but somehow that output isn’t controlled by the TV volume - it’s just 100% and the soundbar doesn’t have its own volume control.

So. I’m kinda stuck. I found settings for HDMI 1 Audio that has Auto/Digital/Analog - setting that to analog just mutes everything. Besides, I would want it to work for HDMI 1 and 2 anyway.

The other audio setting is around the HDMI CEC setup. It has “Speaker Preference” and “TV” or “audio receiver” - seems like the right option, but that’s just mutes the sound - presumably because I don’t have a CEC audio receiver, I guess.

All I want is for the 3.5mm headphone jack thing to output audio that has TV controlled volume, and shuts off the TV speakers. I don’t know if:

a)my expectations (and soundbar) are outdated
b)The TV lacks this most basic feature
c)The TV should work this way but is defective
d) I don’t know how to configure it

If anyone can help, I’d be most grateful. The manual is here

Only 18 years in the future and you don’t remember what a pound is? Meh.

Me too! I couldn’t love it more. Great bargain, and even better with my Roku 3 connected!

I also have a Boston Accoustics soundbar and though it comes with no remote, you program your TV remote to it which controls the volume. Even if you connected the device using an optical cable you would have the same issue. I assure you, your soundbar has volume control

I echo the same, love the bright clear picture, and have it hooked into a surround sound system!

Diggin’ it!

Bought this a few weeks back and absolutely love it. It’s a no-frills, big-screen TV with a gorgeous picture. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Maybe, but the TV I replaced this with was a 7 year old Invisalign. It was RCA out to the soundbar and the TV controlled the level. Never programmed a remote to hit the soundbar, just selected something to not use the TV speakers.

Since the primary purpose of the 3.5mm jack is headphones, does it seem reasonable to you that there’s not volume control if you do use headphones? Most headphones I’ve seen don’t control their own amplification.

Just curious…on a Woot purchase on June 12, Woot charged me California sales tax. Have I missed seeing Woot stores springing up all around California, or does this have something to do with Amazon caving in to the California government? I don’t recall ever paying sales tax before, at least not in 2012 and earlier.

Yuppers, we do follow Amazon’s tax policies these days.

60hz on a 50" tv; pass… enjoy your 24/7 motion blur.