Toshiba 8'' Portable DVD Player with Car Kit



Note: Pricing info has been reposted here for future reference, because it is generally no longer available elsewhere once we’ve moved onto the next Woot.

Toshiba 8" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Toshiba SD-KP19 8” Portable DVD Player with Car Kit


Nice - wish it had 2 screens :slight_smile:


another refurb???

too bad this wasn’t new or even OEM. this would have been a great deal…

how are toshiba refurbs? are they very reliable?


i’m loving this woot today… comparison links abound at the useful linkage blog
Jessie’s Attempt at Useful Linkage for this woot coming up forthwith… just wait and see


Portable DVD players with car kits retail for $49.99 around me, this is more or less a ripoff, especially because I never use the one I own


You’ll run up the minutes kid…er…I mean You’ll shoot your eye out.


I love that Flick, Yo Ralfy !


Most portable DVD players this price only have 2 or 2.5 hour battery life. This says 4 hours


wii would like this if our kid was older but he’s still a baby and so wii will not need to buy one.


I have an extra wii i got for my brother, but he’s being a jerk. I might return it and buy this.


I guess someone got tripple-dog-dared to put that picture on the screen. :wink:


That’s what they do. They offer the PS3 with a big hullaballoo about how much better the Wii is. They raise your hopes that it might be possible - maybe even a bonafide Christmas miracle. They taunt you with that “Sold Out!” graphic all day long, after a 7-minute mad dash for the 80 units offered. Then, POW! They shiv you in the gut, PMITA prison-style, with a stinkin’ portable DVD player, crushing every hope and dream you ever held, along with your beliefs in Santa Claus, Xmas Elves, the Easter Bunny, Jesus Christ himself, and even those 3 bastards with the crappy gifts, all at once.

Lord, they’re good at what they do here at Woot! Those magnificent bastards!

Happy late Yule, all!


Got one last time & a refurb, too. It’s great !!!


This is a really nice player. Costco sells it brand new for $170, so at $100 for a refurb this is not a steal but it’s a pretty nice deal. The screen is excellent, battery life is good (twice what you’d get from one of those crappy $50 players) and you get DivX and memory card support, which are lifesavers if you have young kids who just have to watch the same crap over and over (just rip it to an SD card, you’re done, no more worries about scratched DVDs and howling in the car if the disc skips right when Elmo appears). I’m debating.

#16 $140

Amazon $190

See bottom of page for a 5 star and 1 star rating : /



A King Diamond reference in the product descripion?! Impressive…way to go, Woot!


I love the expanded picture and the use of two different colored rubber bands to coil the headphone cable up with. That and the booger stuck to the play button truly indicate its refurb status.


  • SecretPrices: $139.95
    • Froogle: $139.95
    • Yahoo: $139.95
    • NexTag: $144.95
    • Shopzilla: $139.95


Is the Car mountable carry case one of those thingys that goes between the seats or what?