Toshiba 8” Portable DVD Player



Toshiba 8” Portable DVD Player

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    1 Toshiba SD-KP19 8

Warranty: 90 days


DivX Codecs Supported (up to version 6.x)
JPEG viewer
Digital picture zoom
WMA and MP3 playback
3-D virtual surround sound (internal speakers)
2 headphone output jacks
Multi-language on-screen menus
4-hour battery lifetime
Built in 4 in 1 Card reader
What is in the box:

Toshiba SD-KP19 DVD Player

AC Adapter
A/V Cables


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new…yes, refurb…no


IF I didn’t have a 10" player, I’d probably get this. Not a bad price.
nighters woot!


any good??? interested!


Hmmm, I have a trip coming up, might be nice to have entertainment on the plane.


that guy in the pic = owned


480×234? worst resolution ever…


why do people buy so many of these things? I swear, you can’t pick up an ad these days to an electronics store that doesn’t have some crazy deal on these. No thanks, no use for it.


Not a bad price, but i already have a laptop and a power inverter…


wow! DivX (and thus XVID) support!


Will this play re-recorded dvd’s ???


Something like this is kind of pointless when Im wooting on a 17" widescreen DVD player :confused:


car adpater would have been nice touch.


I’ll think about it… if it plays DivX, that’s pretty effing cool – it eliminates the need for dvd burner, just copy movies to your computer and then burn them to a regular cd!


Sounds like a good deal but do you really trust a refurbished screen??? If its scratched up your out of luck


Sweet…nice size…I like Toshiba…I think I will get one for me and one for a Christmas Gift. Thanks Woot - another gift knocked off my list!!!


I know it has the AC/DC thingy but does it come with something to plug into one of your outlets in the car? Anyone know? Thanks! :slight_smile:


refurb… but a good price for a good player. Two headphone jacks as well… goes well with my Logitech Wireless headsets…

Question for W00t - why is the enlarged picture smaller than the original?