Toshiba 8" Wireless Digital Media Frame

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Toshiba 8" Wireless Digital Media Frame
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Toshiba DMF82XKU or DMF82XWU 8" Wireless Digital Media Frame with 1GB Memory, WiFi, Remote Control

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Holy crap, it’s a frame that’s not 320x240 and can take an SDHC.

Thats the amazon, looks like a bargain

Product website

Seems like quite a steal at $55. MSRP is $180 (not that it matters), but it goes for $124 on Amazon!

$124 from Amazon: Linky for $124

Looks like a pretty hot little deal to me.


Amazon has good revies and costs a whopping $123.99!

That’s not me being smartalecy, that’s me genuinely happy to see a frame with decent resolution (and Wi-Fi to boot!) here.

my Smartparts frame just broke, I am in for one.

Thanks Woot!

In depth review, really looks like a good deal, expect these to sell out, unless woot has millions of these

For some real fun, give this as a gift and change out the SD card in a month or two with a joke reel. Or you could always break into someones house and replace the pictures with random stock photos.

Good times.

looks like the people at pc magazine loved it. Here is a detailed review:

What is the maximum memory card capacity?..

This would be terrific if you could update the photoframe with new photos via WiFi and not have to physically connect to the photoframe to update.

If it’s taking SDHC, theoretically 32GB. Occasionally you hear about products having trouble with the biggies, though.

Beat all of you there

The DMF82XKU and the DMF82XWU both are a great deal!

Manual located at

Well this is just great. Just spent about $105.00 on one of these things for a bat mitzvah gift a month ago.

Is it tacky to ask for the frame back, return it to Best Buy, get a credit, and buy this one instead?

I guess it would be, besides the food at the party wasn’t bad so I guess it was all worth it. Still, this is a great Woot.