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Toshiba 8" Wireless Digital Media Frame [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Toshiba DMF82XWU 8" Wireless Digital Media Frame with 1GB Memory, WiFi, Remote Control

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Just be careful you don’t share your “personal” pictures folder on this thing. That was a fun Thanksgiving.

I got this at the last Woot offering and have been quite impressed. Good color rendition and a nice simple frame design.

The wireless feature is unfortunately sub-optimal since there isn’t a lot of options in terms of which albums the frame will download, so you get all or nothing. But I just put my images on an SD card and upload them anyway.

And I wish there were more calendar options, since the available ones are kind of lame.

But all in all, it’s a really really great frame and I don’t regret purchasing it!


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Previous Woot includes this model

In for two. I always wanted a digital picture frame.

Even more importantly though is the utility I imagine I can get for my grandmother, 6 hours away. Has Internet in her duplex but is technologically illiterate. Oh, and she absolutely loves photographs and constantly asks for more of her family, but with her being so far away, it’s not always practical, and she’s got so many frames of different size photos and collage mattes that I don’t even know where to begin.

So this is absolutely perfect. She’ll be able to wake up every morning wondering whether she’s got some new photos in store - what may seem like nothing special to many people will surely bring the 85-year-old woman a ton of joy. If possible, I’ll share the account with the rest of the extended family too - well, the ones who I know AREN’T narcissistic enough to flood it with pictures of them their own family to the exclusion of everyone else (yes I have somone in mind!)

I thought this woot-off started out REALLY weak but damn, am I ever breaking the bank now… (and yes, I know this is technically not part of the woot-off, but just the same I’m spending a LOT of money today lol)

Can this WiFi from a PC folder or JUST online? I like to be able to set up a folder with pics on a PC or NAS drive and just have it pull from there? How does it handle Video? Can it do Pics and audio at the same time?

I just wanted to add that is does do video.

Note also that you can use a USB flash drive.

I see that FrameChannel has a size limit of 2mb per photo, but is there a limit on how much you can upload in total? 2gb? 4gb? etc…

Does anyone know if you can use multiple Woot coupon codes at once? I have a few stockpiled and I’ve been eying this for a while.

Only one per order.

FrameChannel will let you access pictures from sites such as Facebook and Flickr, so the theoretical limit would be whatever you can put on those sites.

From the FrameChannel FAQ:

"I am only seeing some of my photos at any one time

FrameChannel will only deliver a certain amount of content to the device at any one time. However, the device will continue to update on an interval so if your channel is set to random you will eventually see all of your photos. You can change the number of photos as a percentage of your entire feed by sliding the priority bar to the right in Settings."

What is FrameChannel?

True, but I don’t want to upload my pics to Facebook and other such sites. What if I’d rather load them directly to my FrameChannel account?

I’m in for uno. I wish it could retrieve pics directly from a shared folder on my pc, but I’ll use the other available options to get some good use out of it.

I bought 2 of these last time they showed up and im very happy.

I do not like how it shows an add for frame channel every once and awhile and I cant shut that off.

I have this pulling pics from my picasa account and it can get pics via email. I plan on setting up the second one I got for my mom when i visit.

Word to the wise is that if you plan on taking pics for this, they will look better on the frame if the pic is taken in widescreen mode. not sure if all cameras have this but my canon and cell phone does. If you dont you get the black bars on either side of the pic.

Pics look very clear and crisp on this frame so the res is impressive. Def worth the money.

I don’t know if FrameChannel even has their own storage. They do let you access many channels.

I’m curious - what’s the difference between using FrameChannel as opposed to Flickr or some other service? You can keep your stuff private if you want, and all sites have Terms of Service that limit what you are allowed to use.

gkelpi mentioned a Pogoplug plug in. You’d need to get a Pogoplug device (or the Dockstar that Woot has sold), but then you could share drive(s) with your PC and FrameChannel (and friends’ PC’s if you wish).