Toshiba 8" Wireless Digital Media Frame

Woot is all picture frames and pedometers these days…

Woot is all pedos and digi frames these days?

what a thick bezel

Good price. Don’t need it, but about $100 cheapers then other places.

The writer, he speaks to me:
It’s a Cadillac full of Dom Perignon with a Kobe beef hood ornament.

… all the Lladró Porcelain in Spain.

The third time I am seeing a woot-off yet I have not been able to buy this. A friend got 2 of these when they were there for the whole day on a non-woot-off. I loved them and wanted to get one for myself but before I can place my order this thing gets sold out on every woot-off.

Trust me, this one is a total winner. You can’t get this for under $150 anywhere. WiFi with Picasa/Photobucket/Facebook integration, 1GB memory, remote, frontside buttons…trust me you cannot find a better photo frame than this…

Lets hope they post its 10" cousin in this woot-off and I am able to buy it…
Fingers crossed…